3 Amazing Apps to Take Control of Your Money

These days there’s an app for everything. No matter what the situation, we just snap opens our sleek smartphones and et viola! Only a few of us realise the kind of power we now carry in our pockets. Speaking of apps, there are now more than a few which can help you to track and manage your personal finances and budget.

Almost all banks now offer online banking services, but these services are not really helpful when you wish to keep a track of your expenditure. When you live in an expensive habitat like Dubai insurance and investment are highly important. Efficient management of your financial resources can help save money for such investments and insurances.

So what does one need to use these apps and services? The answer is simple, a computer and/or a smartphone. However, since every upstart with basic computer skills seems to be thinking that they are an app developer, there is a lot of confusion when one tries to select the best application for their needs. Here we have discussed 3 of the best available services which would go a long way in helping you cut down unnecessary expenditure.


What makes mint the best is the simple fact that it has its own website as well as a cell-phone app. It is ideal for tracking personal finance as well as spending patterns. The app shows all information in any form you are comfortable with, including bar graphs, pie charts, trends etc. The app lets the user categorise their budget and shows the remaining amount at all times.

Mint is a one stop shop for all personal finance tracking requirements. Its user friendly interface and easy navigation make tracking a breeze. Mint not only takes care of your spending budget but also keeps a track of your bank accounts and investments.

The makers of the app boast over 7 million users who have successfully used mint for making smarter choices. Another great feature is the backup of your records on a secure online server. This means that one can start using mint no matter where they are. All they need is to visit the website and log in using their credentials.

What’s the most exciting thing about mint? It’s free!


Pear Budget is another great app which works similar to mint.

A great feature in PearBudget is the option to export all your records. The records when exported are saved in the form of an Excel spreadsheet making it simple for you to take in all the significant details through nothing more than a cursory glance.

Just like mint, PearBudget also requires the user to create an account with a unique ID and password so that you can log in and check your records from anywhere.

PearBudget was started as a simple spreadsheet by an indie web-developer couple who understood the needs of a common man, right at the grass-root level. As soon as their creative spreadsheet hit the internet, it was downloaded over 100,000 times leading to a feature in the Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, and many other financial websites as well as blogs. The simple spreadsheet led to the development of what is now known as PearBudget. The app is highly customizable.

The developers are confident enough to let users try the app for free before they have to pay a small fee of $4.95 a month.


BudgetSimple is a little different from mint or PearBudget. It lets the user see what a budget would look like if put into effect. The app also includes some neat graphs which compare your current income to your monthly expenses.

The web-based application’s website declares that the app is solely to help people change their spending habits and create a better life for themselves by getting rid of debts and loans. For this, the app generates reports about the trends in your expenditure and helps you to realise how efficiently you are managing your resources.

BudgetSimple is also available for free.

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