3 Health Benefits Of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

If you’re not sure what digestive enzymes are, then let me give you a brief explanation. Enzymes are vital for breaking down food into smaller molecules so they can be absorbed into the body’s cells.

The human body produces its own enzymes and these are released from glands in the mouth, the lining of the stomach and from the pancreas.

There are many different strains of enzymes, however the most important are

· Amylase – breakdowns and converts carbohydrates.

· Protease – breakdowns and converts proteins.

· Lipase – breakdowns and converts fats.

The Key To Life

As well as breaking down foods, enzymes also convert them into chemicals that the body can actually use. For example, the enzyme protease converts proteins into amino acids and the lipase enzyme converts fats into fatty acids or glycerol.

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In fact, enzymes are also involved in every chemical reaction at a cellular level especially, when it involves the production of energy.

The fact is, without enzymes you would simply not be able to function. They are the key to life.

Here are a few examples of the health benefits you may experience from taking digestive enzymes;

1) Ensuring Food Is Fully Digested

One of the main causes of digestive problems is undigested foods. This can happen when we don’t chew our foods thoroughly or eat too much cooked and processed foods.

When undigested food enters our stomachs it begins to ferment and putrefy. This causes the build up of gas resulting in bloating and indigestion. This can also lead to the build up of harmful bacteria in the colon. However, when food is fully digested with the help of enzymes your body functions more effectively.

2) Conserve Energy

It takes considerable amount of energy for your body to produce enzymes needed to breakdown the amount of food that you eat every day. That’s one of the reasons why you feel sleepy after eating a heavy meal.

By taking an enzyme supplement you conserve your own body’s enzymes. This is important because our body’s enzymes decline with age and the faster you lose enzymes the faster you age.

3) Can Lower The Risk Of Infection

When the food you eat is not digested properly the receptors responsible for protecting your body have to be called into to help digest the food and clean up food particles within the blood stream. When they’re busy doing this they are distracted from their proper job of protecting your immune system.

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By taking digestive enzyme supplements you can free up these receptors and this makes you less susceptible to infections and disease.

A lack of digestive enzymes will eventually undermine your overall health and lead to digestive problems and chronic disease. This is especially the case if you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle and your diet consists mostly of cooked or processed foods. For this reason, you should consider taking a digestive enzyme supplement as part of your new healthy diet routine.

Source by Sean O’Loughlin

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