3 Ways For Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money Online

It can be hard to find jobs for stay at home moms these days. With all of the scams that run on the internet, it’s tough to decipher what opportunities are legitimate and what are fake. If you are a stay at home mom who is looking for a supplemental income, I know of 3 ways that you can earn money online and almost start earning that money instantly!

No, this is not another joke, scam, or anything else. These 3 ways are perfect for beginners and can help you learn how to find great opportunities on the internet. Great opportunities do exist, but you just have to know where to find them and how to find them.

#1 – Paid Surveys

If you are already familiar with these, great! If not, then you should start becoming more familiar with them! Paid surveys are an excellent way for stay at home moms to earn some extra supplemental income. You can easily earn around $300 per month from paid surveys with very minimal effort. While $300 doesn’t sound like a lot, every penny counts. I know that my family and I spend close to $300 per month on groceries. This extra money earned would eliminate that expense.

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Paid surveys are easy to find. You can search your favorite search engine for free paid survey sites to join. The more you join, the more you can earn.

#2 – Sell Stuff On eBay

If you think I’m wasting my time telling you about eBay (because it has been around forever), then you might want to read further. eBay is one of the biggest money makers on the internet today. If you’ve sold on eBay, then you know how to handle it. Never sold on eBay before? Consider cleaning out the house and listing things you need to get rid of. This can help build up your seller reputation.

Now, whether you have sold before or not, consider opening your own eBay store. Sell products that you have an interest in. Buy things in bulk and mark them up when you list your items. Find out what the competition sells the same item for and sell it for less (if you can afford to do so). This is a perfect job for a stay at home mom who has some extra time on her hands.

#3 – Consider Actual Employment From Home

Did you know that work at home jobs are on the rise? Join the club and find a job with a legitimate company doing part-time work, such as telephone customer service, telemarketing, or freelance work. Many of these companies hire tons of people to work from home, as it saves them a lot of money. It allows them to have smaller offices, lowering their overhead, therefore putting more money in their pockets. It’s no wonder why they love to hire people to work at home!

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Freelance job boards are also an excellent way to earn some income. Find out what you excel at and put your skills to work. You would be surprised at what you can accomplish. Better yet, you might even end up with a thriving business if you are great at what you do and their is a high demand for your skills.You never know what will come of it, unless you try!

Source by Bryan Hufford

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