5 Easy & Free Tools to Measure Website Performance

For those who are involved in web development or own their business website, measuring website’s performance has major role to play. Website performance is an important issue to many individuals in any organization. These days every big or small companies and organizations are using latest application to monitor how visitors interact with its website. 

Today online marketers are looking for different ways to know which elements can drive the most leads to their website. Even the sales representatives are getting more alert and looking for new means to know when a prospect hits the site. Besides this, in recent times from a marketing perspective checking website performance using different metrics has also become a common practice. 

Fortunately there are some of the most efficient and online web analytics tools that are capable enough to measure all the activities on a website, tracks visitors and monitor them. However, as one solution cannot be the answer to every problem similarly one statistics may not be a good measurement indicator to every website. There can be various situations where one website may want to measure number of visitors while other may want to measure actual leads and/or sales. Keeping several similar factors in mind, here are some of most well known and easy statistics tools that can help you track or measure the success of websites – 

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a Free tool provided by Google itself where you can track upon the number of unique visitors coming to your website, which page on your website has been most viewed, how many of your visitors converted into customers, what path they followed, from which geographic location do most of the visitors come from, traffic sources and many more statistics that are enough to monitor and optimize the website’s performance. 

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Apart from all these, it also provides you advanced tools like Website optimizer, Custom Reporting, Advanced segmentation and motion charts to improve your website’s growth.

StatCounter – Over the past couple of years, multiple forms to market a business on the internet has grown tremendously and so tracking website visitors have become more important. If you own an internet business website then tracking your website visitors may help you determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. StatCounter is one of the few effective tools that can enable you to see a summary of all your site visitors. 

The major highlight or benefit of StatCounter is that it does not require you to put any StatCounter banners or links to your internet business website. All you require is to just put the code to the pages which you want to track and as a result you can easily learn everything about the visitors coming to your business site. You can easily know where they came from, what pages they visited, what keywords they found you with, how long they stayed on your site, and much more.

Feedburner- FeedBurner is yet another application that can help you track of your RSS Feed traffic. It allows you to create your feed browser friendly by using Feedburners Smartfeed system. Feed burner facilitates you to publish your RSS feed and also offer circulation statistics about your RSS feed. These statistics are not only useful to measure your feed popularity but also provide circulation statistics to potential advertisers. Feedburner can tell you which RSS readers are being used to read your feed, how many readers you have and which posts readers are clicking through back to your website. 

Page Rank – Developed by Google, Page Rank is yet another factor. It is a numeric value used for describing the importance of your page on the web. Google refers to this as an effective way to evaluate the quality, importance and value of your website. Though the page rank of a webpage holds different meaning for different individuals, but it is a major sign of accomplishment for the webmaster. Based on Google’s top secret algorithm this tool help you determine how popular the site is and assign it a number from zero to ten, better known as the Google Page Rank. The more popular your site the higher your rank and the more likely you will appear closer to the top. 

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Alexa Ranking – Alexa Rank is a user-friendly tool that usually ranks websites or blogs depending upon the density of traffic every website or blog has by counting the number of visitors at a particular time. Today the Alexa rank of a website or blog seems to be important because the advertising companies rely on this ranking to determine the cost for placing advertisements in the concerned websites or blogs. Moreover, a blog which has high Alexa Rank attracts other bloggers attention and they place links of your blogs which in turn further raise your popularity. Talking about the major advantage of Alexa Ranking is its effective ranking scheme. Alexa Ranking scheme takes the records of last three months. It usually counts last three months’ record and finally take the average value which in turn gives a more logical and practical calculation of the density of traffic of websites. 

These are few important tools that can help you measure your website performance. Today, it is really important for you to understand that getting a figure and statistics of web site can help you promote your online business. In this global arena, where websites are burgeoning like any thing, its analysis and monitoring are going to stay a big issue. Getting a correct figure and proper statistics tool for your web site can positively help you promote your online business.

Source by Manoj Tiwari

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