5 Groundbreaking Innovations that Changed the Casual Gaming Experience

Casual gaming is created to target a large population with its simple and easy-to-follow instructions kind of game. On the other hand, hardcore gaming may have not so many consumers since the hardcore games, as the term suggests, are complex in nature and difficult to understand.

Everyone enjoys the fun and excitement the casual gaming brings. Casual gaming developers offer many game genres to choose from. It includes adventure games, strategy games, and word and trivia games to name a few. Over the years, we have seen the fast development of casual gaming experience. Digital technology plays a big role on what casual gaming is right now.

In this article, I will be enumerating five of the most groundbreaking innovations that definitely changed the way we play casual games today.

  1. Getting on the groove with motion control technology

    Before Wii came into popularity, Nintendo had already started its development with motion control features in game consoles. The product was called Power Glove and it did not become so popular as it was criticized to have imprecise key controls.

    Nevertheless, it didn’t stop Nintendo from pursuing its dream to create a motion controlled game, thus the birth of Wii – the first ever successful motion controlled game console. Other game console makers such as Sony launched their PlayStation Move and Kinect with Microsoft. These products provide players the best experience gaming experience ever.

    Those who got uninterested with traditional control methods became full-fledged gamers after seeing this gimmick.

  2. The reach of digital distribution and the convenience of purchasing games

    The demand for increased hard drive space in game consoles and faster internet speed paved way for digital dominance. Having a 500GB hard drive and 50 megabytes of internet speed might not be enough to store all of the game files of a certain gamer.

    Online outlets like the App Store, Steam and Google Play help it to push it along. Nowadays, both disc format and digital format are being released simultaneously because of the demand coming from the online consumers. Other companies like Nintendo admitted that digital sales are now on its peak.

  3. Bypass publisher control through crowdfunding

    Raising funds is an awesome way to deliver your final product to your fans. Independent developers usually take advantage of crowdfunding since developing and producing a game is very costly.

    Because the product is delivered through crowdfunding, this eliminates the need for publisher funding which also costs a lot and developers have the full control of the product.

    This is only good for those developers who already have strong fan base where they can ask funds from. But still new developers are welcome to use this kind of approach and good luck.

  4. Mobile gaming at par with handheld consoles

    Both mobile and handheld gaming consoles almost share the same kind of gaming experience. Without a doubt, the iPhone has become the popular mobile gaming platform. It’s mainly because the development resource is so reach that upgrades in whatever that needs to be upgraded can easily be done as well as the abundance of mobile game developers.

    One of the most downloadable app in the App Store right now is the Subway Surfer. It’s a very interactive game. The app is so cool that you would want to learn about the Subway Surfers characters.

    Practically, people would opt to buy a device where they text, call, surf and play than to get a handheld device which you can only use to play and surf only.

  5. Fans and developers communicate
  6. This is more related to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr than it does with consoles themselves. But the important thing here is fans and developers can directly interact with each other.

    Suggestions and feedbacks can send through the contact the developer provides. Be kind to the developers, making a very good game app is not easy to make. Feel free to write them and they will surely address your concerns.
    Casual gaming experience has never been this fun and interactive. Thanks to the bright minds who pushed to develop groundbreaking innovations like motion control, mobile gaming, digital game purchasing and many more. Gone are the days of joysticks and cartridges.

About the author:
Marc S. is online game enthusiast and writes about PC gaming, technology innovations, and fitness and lifestyle. In his free time, he likes to play Subway Surfers app in his phone. The app is so cool that you would want to learn about the Subway Surfers characters.

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