5 Simple Ways to Track Your Website Progress on the Search Engines

These days most business owners are looking to venture online and attract a lot of prospective clients through the web. In this attempt a majority of them opt for search engine optimization which is a very good thing however the problem arises because many of the business owners are not aware of the tools to use in order to monitor the success of their efforts and the progress of the website.

The following are five tools or parameters that you can use to judge the success of your efforts in promoting your site online through SEO or link building:

Alexa ranking

Alexa ranking for your website is a great indicator of the progress that you have been making online. When you search your site information on Alexa you’ll get a good amount of information regarding the number of links to your site, important keywords, estimated traffic etc. You can also find other sites in the category and thus find out newer techniques of what to do and what not to do.

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Google Analytics

Make sure that the Google analytics code is embedded to your site the day you start your online marketing. It is one of the most comprehensive systems that allows you to track traffic and ensure that you are updated about the traffic sources as well. You can also get exact geographic areas that are the major sources of traffic for you site.

Search Engine Rank Tool

There are a lot of free tools and plug ins available online that can help you find the search engines rank of your site, you can also have the paid options like Alexa Web Ranking system but make sure there is one that you can use to see the rise or fall in rankings for the various keywords.

Google Webmaster Tools

Though this article is not meant to endorse Google services, it is a fact that Google webmaster tools are the best resource for a webmaster. They give you a good amount of information on the pages that have been indexed as well as crawling errors on your website. This can help you keep your website clean and functioning. It also helps you evaluate if your SEO techniques are helping the various pages on your site to get indexed on Google.

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PR checker

In the long run the PR or page rank of your website is very important as it can help you get better rankings as well as better value with visitors. It is determined by the quantity and quality of links directing towards your site. You can use a PR checker as another indicator for your SEO success online.

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