5 Tips To Lose Fats Effectively Without Using Pills Or Drugs

Everyone has right to look beautiful. God created every single human with a unique beauty, no one was created FAT. It is the human itself who do not take care of his body and become fat. We are living in an era where technology has made our life compact and easy.

It is exciting that we just call a restaurant and get our food in front of us in few minutes rather than walking or travelling some miles to go there and carrying the food back home. No doubt it has made life easy but on the other hand it has reduced the efforts and workouts for which human body was designed.

We should not forget that human body was designed to live in jungles, walk all day in search of food and eat the food in raw form directly from the source. After wards humans kept on creating ease in their life hence changing their lifestyle.

There can be many reasons of being fat including hormonal disturbance, over eating, lack of exercise, irregular meals, drug side effects, vitamin D deficiency, improper sleep etc. All of these causes change the chemistry of body fat cell.


Years ago humans used to walk all day long. Our body is capable of walking 17-18 km every day without getting tired. So, in order to keep your body n its original shape, give your body some workout. Walk for an hour in morning, and another hour in evening.

It’s not necessary that you walk fast or start running, this will get you tired. Walk in the normal speed up to which you can walk easily in a comfortable manner. Morning walk helps you to burn calories and the reserved fats very fast. Do not walk after having heavy meals.

TIP: Play some fast music in your headphones while walk, this will not only boosts your speed but also maintain your energy level for a long time.


Human body was designed to live in tough environments. Climbing the trees, going over the mountains, running down the caves etc. We have now become the couch potato either lying whole day in front of the TV or sitting in a comfortable chair to play video games all day long.

We need relaxing seats in our colleges, homes and offices. In order to maintain our original body shape we have to do some exercise. Spend at least 30 minutes on exercise every morning. This will not only help you to lose weight but also relax all your muscles and mental tensions. Do not take exercise as task, take it as fun.

Let it be cycling, swimming, your favourite sport , simple sit ups, push ups etc. Call over your friends in the evening to play badminton, basket ball, tennis or even a 100 meters flat race.

TIP: Dance alone in room, go crazy, get on a hula hoop, skipping rope etc. This will let you lose weight while enjoying.


In order to burn fats, you need to work out and in order to work out, you need energy. So never ever miss your breakfast as it is the first thing in the morning which is to be stored in your fat cells. The energy gained by breakfast will drive you the whole day .The effective you eat, the better will be the day.

TIP: Have a protein rich breakfast. Take eggs, milk, butter and other protein sources.


According to the experimental analysis people who slept 6 hours and more have less BMI value and those who slept 5 hours and less suffered from greater BMI.A healthy mind constitutes a healthy body. So, it is necessary to sleep at least 6 and at most 8 hours to keep mind and body healthy.

TIP: Have a hot relaxing shower before going to bed. This will lead to more comfortable sleep.


Drinking a lot of water keeps your digestive system alive and healthy. Drink water before meals, it will run through your digestive system making all the organs ready to work.

When you burn your energy, water also gets lost from your body through heavy sweating so it is necessary that you intake a large amount of water to keep your skin, lips, nails and kidneys fresh and healthy.

TIP: If you cannot drink plain water much, mix any flavour to it to make it tasty like squash or lemon juice etc or make a fresh fruit smoothie.

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