Alexa Rank and Its Benefits

What is Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is a scheme of ranking of websites or blogs in which the ranking is done on the basis of the density of traffic every website or blog has by counting the number of visitors at a particular time. But for Alexa Rank to work, it must be ensured that Alexa Toolbar is installed and is running. Installing Alexa Toolbar is recommended because the bloggers and advertising companies or advertising networks such as Sponsored Reviews and Blogvertisers normally pay attention on the Alexa Rank for deciding whether a review be obtained for the said blogs or websites. High number of Alexa rank of a website seems to be important just because, the advertising companies rely on this ranking to determine the cost for placing advertisements in the concerned websites. Many advertisers and ad networks use Alexa Rank to determine the website’s value of advertising, as examples; Text Link Ads, Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe are such advertising companies. Using Alexa Rank, these companies decide how much to pay for an advertisement in the websites or blogs. Hence, higher Alexa Rank gives higher popularity and inclination towards such websites.

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Benefits of Higher Alexa Rank

There are many benefits of higher Alexa Rank as; the Alexa Ranking scheme considers records of last three months when calculating the Rank of a particular website. By counting last three months’ record and taking the average value, gives a more logical and realistic calculation of the density of traffic of websites. Considering records of last three months lessen the chance of fabrication of abnormal hike in website logging in. Here it must be kept in mind that Alexa assess those web sites which have been visited by the users through the Alexa toolbar. Hence, there are greater chances for web sites which have much traffic of visitors and have higher Alexa rank, to get larger exposure.

Further on the other side, if some websites have few users but through Alexa toolbar they accessed the website and the same website will get ranked high enough. Having higher Alexa rank for a website gives a hint of the rush of a particular web site and the popularity of it. This popularity helps to make a decision as to whether to trust a website or make online purchases. It helps to measure the level of competition with other web sites by watching others’ Alexa Rank.

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Also, having high Alexa Rank attracts advertisers and they simply fix higher prices for their advertising in your web site. This includes blogs also. A blog which has high Alexa Rank definitely attracts other bloggers attention and they definitely place links of your blogs which in turn increases your popularity. As far as marketing websites are considered, a site which has high Alexa Rank has a high selling rate than other sites which sell the same products. This is proven by many marketing surveys. High Alexa rank increases the popularity of a web site which is the exact need of the authors.

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