Alexa Ranking – Tips For Lowering Your Website’s Alexa Ranking has become the standard for traffic ranking amongst monetized websites. In a nutshell, your Alexa rank is a measure of site integrity and quality. The higher your Alexa rank, the worse it looks for you. The number 1 ranking is the best while, say, number 5 million and two signifies low-quality content and hence low traffic numbers. Alexa is a subsidiary of, and like Amazon, has massive power and prestige. Whether you like it or not, people judge websites by their Alexa rankings.

Tips for Achieving a Low Alexa Ranking:

There are many ways that you can create a better Alexa ranking for your website. The first and most basic is to always develop high-quality content that is relevant and concise. Beyond that:

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o You must have the Alexa toolbar installed in order to start being ranked by Alexa. You can get it here.

o Make your website worthy of developing backlinks by keeping the content accurate and relevant. Part of the Alexa algorithm measures the number of other quality sites that are linked to yours.

o You need to position an Alexa ranking widget on your website. It’s a simple maneuver in HTML. The code is provided for you conveniently at the link above.

o Gently encourage visitors to utilize the Alexa toolbar and install it on their sites as well.

o Get your colleagues, friends, family and visitors to rate your Alexa profile in a positive manner.

o Include posts in your blog periodically about how to increase your Alexa ranking.

Getting the picture? Alexa rankings can be enhanced in many ways. Here’s some more:

o Include blog content about how to enhance SEO and anything about domain registration and development. These two topics are revered by webmasters, and they are great people to have frequenting your site.

o Try placing a webmaster’s tool kit on your website. Keep bringing them back to your site for the convenience alone.

o Spend effort getting Stumbled and voted on in Digg. Huge traffic numbers can be gained in this manner.

o Utilize PPC campaigns to increase site traffic that is relevant and targeted.

o Spend a little cash and hire writers to promote your website on forums for you.

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It may all seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually not so complicated. The point is that having a low Alexa ranking enhances the monetization capacity of your website. A low Alexa ranking means increased quality traffic – and that means more conversions for you. When your goal is to make conversions in the form of sales, or simply sign-ups, then a low Alexa ranking can be of certain help.

Overall, just remember to always keep the quality of anything that you place on your website optimized. That is the single most important method to achieve a lowered Alexa ranking. Keep pumping out the quality, relevant content and be patient. In time, you will see your Alexa ranking continue to drop.

A low Alexa ranking can mean big money for you!

Source by Jeffrey Greer

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