Analysis on Some Features of Alexa

For people who would like to boost Alexa rank, attention here. Alexa, one of the biggest website ranking tools, has quietly added some analysis functions for source keywords, visitors’ actions, age, sex and occupation, and even whether they have children.

Alexa has been revised before so as to provide the average period of stay per person per day, enquiry function of curve graph showing average PV per person, and enquiry function of return visit of regular customers.

Taking search results on ‘Baidu’ as an example:

(The most frequently appearing keyword pointing to Baidu website from search engines)

We can see that:

1) A lot of people inputted in the search engines the Chinese phonetic alphabets for ‘Baidu’, most likely by using a third-party browser or plug-in;

2) MP3 is still one of the biggest advantages of Baidu;

3) Baidu contributes huge traffic to QQ;

4) RSS and perpetual calendar are very popular.

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From analysis on visitor’s action sequence, we can draw the following conclusions:

1) Between Baidu and Google, 3.93% of the visitors would take Google as the first choice, while 2.87% preferred Baidu;

2) Information on portal websites, video and search engines are still the favorite of visitors;

3) 1.66% of visitors got access through web address guide, which indicates that web address guide has relatively stable market.

From analysis on visitor’s age, sex, occupation and whether they have children, we may see that:

1) The data are somewhat unreasonable; they can only be used for reference;

2) Alexa might go on to develop follow-up analysis functions, such as how much the monthly income of the visitor is.

And the list of the websites whose Alexa ranks are less than 100,000, with PR value, is provided. The revision makes some data of each website more transparent. When you are analyzing your competitors, you are also analyzed by them. This is a reform of Alexa.

If you want to increase Alexa rank, you’d better have a study on the tool. Some people may consider Alexa rank of no use, well however, we have to admit that Alexa does hold the third rank in the world’s biggest website ranking institutions. If you need to demonstrate the value of your website, Alexa rank can be a significant indicator, especially when you want to sell your website or sell links and ads on your website, or make the performance report for your company – Alexa rank can add extra points for you in all the conditions. The revision process has just started, and more will be done. Let’s see what will Alexa do next?

Source by Sophia Zami

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