Why Android Is Popular Choice of Developers And Business Organizations?

Mobile technology has become inevitable part of every person life in present times. This technology has evolved and progressed to great extent with passage of time. Innovative range of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are being used not merely for phone calls but wide range of other personal and business needs. Due to this reason various business organizations are using modern mobile as important business tool and spending good amount of money for development of mobile applications to promote their business. The most popular platform for this purpose used by these organizations is Android. Android applications are developed on large scale worldwide.

Android OS on BlackBerry PlayBook

The most important reason for success of Android application is, this platform is open source and people can work on it with complete freedom. Although Apple also offers convenient development suite for Apple applications however, the freedom offered by Android is unbeatable. Large numbers of people around the world are falling for Android to meet various personal and professional needs. These people include common teenage boys to CEO of corporate businesses.

Advantages of Android applications for business

Android platform is not only preferred choice of developers but android applications are also most favorite choice of corporate professionals. The main reasons for which Android apps are so much popular are as follow:

Affordable and Cost Effective:

The aim of every business is to earn more profits with limited investment. Due to this reason these organizations always prefer solutions that can benefit them without any increase in overheads of business. Android application development favors this condition of all business organization effectively. The tools required for development of Android application are available free of cost on internet. Due to this reason quality Android applications are developed conveniently and available at nominal cost. Actual cost business organization has to pay for is the expertise and skill of application developers. Experienced and professional application developer can develop high quality android application at reasonable prices that can certainly play an important role in progress of any business.

Development freedom

Android operating system is open source technology and offer great freedom to application developers. Developers can not only expand the source code but can develop unique solutions with skills and knowledge.

android os

Support for graphics:

High quality graphics is mandatory for success of any mobile application. This feature of application becomes even more important when applications are developed for young teenagers for whom high quality graphics mean everything. This feature is well supported in Android as all graphics from 2D to 3D work seamlessly in this platform.

Android supports Java programming language:

Java programming is one of most popular programming language around the globe. For Android applications, developers are using Java libraries and reduce development time effectively.

Linux a secure system:

The stability and security of Linux needs no introductions. The operating system based on Linux is considered as one of most safe and steady platform and base of Android is Linux kernel. This fact ensures seamless performance of android application without and system halt or crashed system. Therefore, business organization prefers Android to enjoy performance of applications at its best.

Android applications offer flexibility, security and unhindered performance for its clients. Therefore, Android platform is considered as most powerful tool for propagation of any business.

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