Android on the other Side of the Line

Although Apple’s family of products are consistently benchmarks for innovation, Google and the cadre of companies benefiting from the search giant’s operating system have dished out a slew of gadgets that are reasonably priced and boast quality hardware. This is the reason why Apple and Google are deadlocked in the applications business; as the innovation at Steve Job’s company appears to be winding down, more and more cost effective Android tablets and phones are coming out to the market.

Because of Android’s open source nature, the operating system can serve as a platform for many kinds of applications like games, business VoIP software that enable the gadget to become a softphone, and offers capability to mesh other kinds of apps like social networking and collaboration programs. Google Play has a robust offering of apps like games. Users have been using their Android gadgets as communication devices through apps. Here are some apps out there which people are using on their Android devices


This long-time favorite has been uniting family, friends and co-workers through their blue sky themed interface for years now and service has constantly remained great even through Microsoft’s acquisition of the company. Most of the video call features remain free; for the extra functionality of being able to call smartphones and landlines, subscription rates remain cost-effective and reasonable.


Viber’s presence in the iPhone, Windows phone, and Android market allows it to enjoy a wide customer base. Aside from that the application offers serious high definition audio, the ability to send pictures as messages, and to be able to use instant messaging and SMS as well. Viber’s service is still pretty solid but it is facing stiff competition from newcomers like Whatsapp and Line.


Working on an important project even if the members of the team are countries apart? Are your friends in different parts of the country over the summer? There are other communication apps and there’s Fring. Fring offers the best video group calling and chat among the applications in Android. Thanks to its Dynamic Video Quality technology, Fring remains competitive and should be a go-to application for teams and companies.


Whatsapp is one of the top apps in terms of communications in Android right now. It allows users to share video files. It also has other interesting functions like being able to record reminders or notes. Aside from having connections to Android, Apple and Microsoft markets, it also allows users to communicate with Blackberry subscribers. The features on the app are available for free for one year only and then users need to sign on a plan.


Is your tablet or mobile phone 3G compatible? Look no further then as Tango can be installed on your device. This app has a lot of rich media features like animation, games, and photo sharing along with the ability to make calls and instant message.


This app is quite similar to Tango but has a wider user base than the latter. Line is a hit in more than 40 countries and its users are constantly growing thanks to provisions for voice messages, instant messages and calls. Aside from this people on the platform have the novelty of being able to send each other stickers.

Aside from these apps, newer and newer applications are constantly being developed in order to satiate the communications needs of users every day. What’s great about the waves and waves of these kinds of software is that anytime a user calls somebody through these apps, they are essentially saving money. The communications app business may be crowded, but at the end of the line, we’re all winners.

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