Attachment Theory Tips Every Nanny Should Know

Nanny care is in an important business. Nanny care goes above and beyond regular babysitting, and for this reason a nanny has to be equipped with skills that are above and beyond. Although you are not the parent of the children that you are caring for, you will still have a large impact on their development because you will be an important person in their life. Because of this, you want to make sure that your interactions with the children you are caretaking are positive ones that are going to promote positive and healthy emotional growth in the children. A nanny that is more knowledgeable about these kinds of topics will not only create better nanny care with happier children, but an employee that is more attractive to a family.

What is attachment?

An attachment is a bond between two people. Attachment theory was developed in 1969 by a psychologist named John Bowlby who believed that the attachments that humans make in the beginning of their lives will impact the kind of person they will become later in life. These interactions that are experienced in early life will impact everything about who we are, down to our personality and our relationships. With that information, you can truly understand how important a positive attachment can be. As a nanny you are one of the primary caregivers to a child and therefore you will have a strong impact on their future self.

How can I, as a nanny, create a positive attachment?

This is an important question. With Bowlby’s theory, you want to strive to create what he calls a secure attachment. There are a few factors that can help create this with a child. The child needs to feel that the caregiver is a safe person and someone they can go to for comfort and affection when they need it. At the same time, this person is not smothering. They allow the child to explore the world and make mistakes at times, but when the child needs comforting, this person is there. Normal reactions in the child would be that the child wants to be near the caregiver, but is not overly dependent on him or her. Basically this involves being a reliable, loving figure in the child’s life, but not being too overprotective or overbearing. It is normal for a child to want to explore the world and learn about it. At times, the world can be a scary and unpleasant place and that’s when the child will seek solace in a parent or nanny.

You don’t have to be an expert in psychology to be a great nanny. However, it can enhance your skills as a caregiver to learn about some of the theories out there that involve children and development. If you have chosen to begin a career in nanny care, you undoubtedly have a passion for children. Brushing up on your education about children can do wonders for your skills and for your career.

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