Better Working Environment: How to Avoid Online Risks

Now-a-days the pattern of business work has changed completely due to advancement in technology, because most of the official work is performed digitally. Little or no paperwork is done in today’s business. According to a recent study, the trend of digital format information is growing very fast.

Companies try their best in hiring process and give chance to those employees who want to show maximum loyalty and competency to company’s image and profit. Employers do their level best to minimize risk by verifying information and bio data of their employees before hiring. But as you know it’s not easy to check a person inner feelings, honesty and trustworthiness by checking his/her personal profile or bio data.

The best way to minimize the risks to your business is to understand the risk and problem you’re facing in your company. Pointing out the risk can resolve half of the problem. Risks vary business to business but there are always some common factors which can term as risk and most common among them is risk to increase employee’s productivity.

When business expands with time, it becomes very difficult for employer to keep a check on their environmental working activities during working hours. Today most employees spend their office time in updating their social status or watching online movies or funny videos and that environment can’t increase your business productivity. The next and most common risk factor is leakage of confidential information.

The awareness regarding the risks of information leakage has spread recently by a series of corporate scandals in which confidential information was disclosed. Majority of those cases shows that such leakage of information from company is not the result of wrong doing but in fact it was the employee who unknowingly put his/her company at risk and insurance.

This may occur in a situation when employees send out company’s most important messages which contain files or contents without knowing their confidential importance. In some cases, employees send confidential information files to their email or copy them into their mobile devices and thus expose them to other companies.

In the start, emails were the only source of leakage of information. But in last few years there is an increase in the ways through which confidential information was taken by employees. Instant messaging, web mail, forum and blog entries and participation in services such as social networking sites have become a source of leakage of information.

To minimize these risks you can adopt following techniques:

  • First take a start from an easy and inexpensive that is blockage of inappropriate and unnecessary
    websites from being access of company employees.
  • Keep a close eye on downloading that is done on company’s devices. By doing this you will be in better position to not only track the leak but you can also save the confidential files.
  • You can minimize security risk by Restricting copying of sensitive and confidential files.
  • Another option which is most suitable is the installing of a cell phone spy application like mSpy app on your company’s smart phones to monitor employee’s activities. This app will give you an opportunity to track data, monitor employee’s GPS locations and even wipe out data from phone if gets lost or stolen.

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