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Amazing! My post yesterday went straight up to page 1 of Google! It gives me chills just thinking about it. The power of search engine optimization, keyword and backlinking are such incredible tools I can’t believe more people haven’t caught on.

I didn’t achieve #1 spot on Google but I am on the first page. Incidentally, if you must know I’m currently ranking in the 6th spot. Not bad for a post that is less than 24 hours old.

MacGyver Marketing! Who knew those keywords would send me up the charts?

Here’s the skinny on searches…

Google is the number #1 search engine that people use… the undisputed leader by far. Bing, Yahoo, Ask and all the search engines combined don’t seem to have the influence that Google has when it comes to finding what you’re looking for.

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Considering that each page of Google displays 10 listings, if you’re not in that top 10 the chances of people looking past page 1 are slim to none. In fact, the percentage of people who click past the first page of Google is a devastating 0.66%… OUCH!

A couple of things to consider…

Google likes fresh and crusty! Let me explain! Adding new content to your website, blog, squeeze page, and yes even Facebook can have your keyword terms blasting up the charts. Now the crusty part. Google also likes to see domains hanging around for a long time. The older the domain the more seniority it’s given. (Hint: when you register your domain do so for more than year… ideally 2-5 years…this tells Google that you’re in it for the long haul.)

Some SEO guys still insist that video only plays a small part in search rankings. Wanna know what I say…pfft! VIDEO ROCKS!

Google Loves Video!

So much so, that in 2006 Google plunked down $1.65 billion to buy YouTube.

That my friend says a great deal right there… Google positively understands the power video has on “front of mind” thinking.

Marketers like video too!

Take for example Gerry Oginski (who also happens to be a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney). Gerry uses video to update, inform, educate, entertain and market to potential clients.

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Or Scott Linde a pest control operator from New Jersey who also uses video on his website to show clients all about bed bugs, termites, rats, bees and anything that could be consider a pest problem.

The key to using video in your website is to keep it relevant, keep it short (under 5 minutes) and make it informative. Dancing gorillas may be funny to some, but unless you’re a zoo most people wont find it worthy of their time.

Now go out and start making some videos for your website… let Scott and Gerry be your inspiration. By adding video on your website you are constantly delivering fresh content and boosting your Google page rank.

Source by Rob Anspach

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