Brochure Printing Companies – Signs of Strengths and Weaknesses

Brochure printing isn’t something that should be done just anywhere. It can be a constant battle to find an appropriate method of brochure printing that doesn’t involve setting up an entire production from your home office. Online printing companies are likely your best bet due to their overall quality, speedy service and cut-rate costs. But while some seem better than others, there’s a certain set of criteria you should assess before making any business decisions.


The question isn’t really about what, but how many. Most online printers possess the technology to create top-of-the-line quality prints – that should be a given. But what else do they offer for your brochure printing needs? Do they have in-house design services in case you need original graphics or body copy written? Do they offer finishing options (bindery services, die-cutting) and distribution plans (direct mail marketing, blind shipping)? Make sure they can take care of you on multiple fronts, not just with the collateral itself.

Multiple Ordering Outlets

If your company can only be reached by phone, chances are they aren’t quite with the times. More and more people are making purchases with the aid of the internet so make sure your printer has a variety of options for placing an order. Generally you’ll see contact and ordering information by phone, email or even online chat and step-by-step order forms online. It should be easy to start ordering from the second you arrive at their site.


Some brochure printing companies charge hidden fees later on. They generally rope you in with promises of free business cards or something else that sounds like a no-strings-attached type of deal. But the truth is some charge for using their uploading tool (in order to transfer your business logos, designs and other relevant files for their pre-press layout purposes.) Others get you with the design templates or some other design formality. Find a simple printer that doesn’t charge for the little things and you’ll be set.

Eco-friendly Services

Does this necessarily make your custom brochure printing provider a better choice? You bet it does. Not only are they working to reduce the amount of emissions and other pollutants, but they make better quality products in the process. This is a huge benefit that lessens your final costs since they don’t have to order as many new materials to create your order. Make sure they keep all their services in one facility too. The more they outsource, the higher your costs will ultimately be.

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