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If you’re running an internet marketing campaign to increase sales for your business, you know the importance of a high ranking web site. Controlling the popularity of your online business is crucial if you want your site to remain relevant — all of this is measured by Alexa Ranking. If you want to find out who your competitors are, Alexa has a complete list of the Alexa top 100000 sites. You can purchase this for about $6,500 for one Excel file. To small business owners, this costs too much. There are cheaper ways to obtain the list.

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First of all, you must understand how Alexa works. It is a reliable and powerful tool that ranks web traffic. You can easily see how your site ranks against your competitors simply by visiting Even though the list of Alexa top 100000 sites is expensive, you can still check the rankings of other web sites without paying money.

There is a way that you can get the list of Alexa top 100000 sites for less than the Alexa fee of $6,500 – most resellers sell the list for much cheaper. There are proprietary programs (crawlers) that crawl the web using Alexa’s toolbar and compiles the list of top 100000 sites with ease. Most sellers sell these at a much lower price. Do a quick Google search to find them.

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It is important for you to maintain a high ranking on Alexa top 100000 sites because this helps to bring in advertising dollars to your web site. If you have a better rank, more companies will come to you to advertise — some even pay $4000/month to advertise on your site if you rank high. So take the next step and get the list of top 100000 sites to beat your competition and increase sales.

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