Can Absurd Thoughts Generate A Mental Illness?

My explanations about the internal functioning of your brain showed you the difference between your conscience and your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience.

Your anti-conscience has the intention to destroy your conscience and control your behavior, but your conscience ignores this fact.

This is an unfair situation. You represent the human being concentrated into your human conscience. You are a victim of your wild conscience without knowing this fact.

Your satanic anti-conscience is a part of yourself that you ignore, like an organ in your body that you cannot see. It is a huge part of yourself, since it occupies the biggest part of your brain. You are not aware of what it thinks, but its thoughts belong to you. They don’t belong to someone else.

Therefore, you are not in an unfair situation as you seem to be. You deserve to fight your evil self (your anti-conscience) because it defines your thoughts and your behavior more than your human self (your conscience).

You can read the thoughts that your evil self sends to your conscience, but you cannot read all its thoughts because your primitive conscience works independently of your human conscience. It is like another person with a different mind, who is living in your brain.

However, it is not another person. It is a part of yourself that you ignore.

If I will stop showing you all the details that separate your conscience from your primitive conscience, you won’t be able to understand the difference between both. The desires that your anti-conscience imposes to your conscience seem to be ‘your desires’ because your absurd and idiotic anti-conscience is a part of yourself that wants what is bad for you.

Your wild conscience is a self-destructive conscience that pretends to desire what is good for you (while it desires what will kill your conscience) in order to achieve its satanic purposes.

I showed you numerous times that your anti-conscience is your enemy, as if it was another person, because your wild conscience works against you. This is why I named it anti-conscience. It tries to kill your conscience.

However, your anti-conscience is not somebody else. It is a huge demonic part of yourself that you must transform into a human being by obeying God’s rules.

Your anti-conscience is a crazy part of your brain that wants what your conscience hates, and hates what your conscience desires because it has a distorted nature.

Your conscience wants to be good. Your conscience wants to find love and happiness in life.

Your anti-conscience wants to be evil. Your anti-conscience wants to live in terror and spread terror everywhere.

If your wild conscience was another person, this would be a blessing. The fact that it belongs to your own brain is a tragedy. It pretends to be ‘you’, while it is your enemy.

It manages to mislead your conscience and easily make you believe that it really ‘is’ you because it really belongs to you, even though it is not a conscious part of yourself. Your anti-conscience is not an alien, even though it behaves as if it was another person because it is trying to kill you.

This means that you have to fight yourself.

In order to do so, you obviously depend on superior guidance. You will never be able to fight a part of your own brain that pretends to belong to your conscience without knowing how to recognize it, and without knowing how to combat its attacks.

The fact that I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams shows you how you can eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience, and find sound mental health like I did. You only have to imitate my example.

I proved to the world with my own example that God knows how to help a person eliminate their evil self through dream translation.

You should have in mind the fact that I was too young and ignorant when I started learning how to interpret dreams (in 1984, when I was 23-years-old) and that I delayed to understand Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation because it is too complicated, obscure, and time consuming.

You should also have in mind the fact that I was neurotic, and the fact that my father was schizophrenic, what means that I had inherited his absurdity.

If a person who was as mentally ill (and as ignorant) as I was could acquire sound mental health through dream interpretation by using Carl Jung’s method (without completely understanding it from the beginning), this means that you will surely find sound mental health by using this method now that I simplified it.

This is guaranteed if you will be a good student and patient. I clarified all the obscure points in Jung’s work because I completed his research, discovering the anti-conscience and fighting its absurdity.

I show you how you can pass through the process of transformation you must follow the fastest possible, instead of delaying to find all the answers you need like I did.

This natural and safe mental health treatment sent by God in your dreams is perfect. Everything depends on your obedience to the guidance you have.

Source by Christina Sponias

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