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Tips to Convert JPEG File To a Word File

JPEG format is among the most popular formats in which people are seen saving images or pictures. Today, as we all play with images and pictures. Be it sharing them over the social media sites or via the mobile devices like tabs or smartphones, one of the most favorite format ...

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The Best Photo-editing Apps for the iOS

Editing photos on your iPhone or iPad are all the rage these days as anyone who has ever bothered to take a look at Instagram can see. Smartphones have come to the point where they surpass even the point-and-shoot cameras in terms of photograph quality and clarity.

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Convert Video to Mp3 Online – Yes, Software Not Needed

Everyone has their own opinion on what the best video to mp3 conversion websites are. However, the following are often on the hit list of users who love to save video (especially YouTube) files into mp3s.

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Top 7 tools to convert your Word File to PDF without Internet Blockage in Office

Converters are small programs, online or offline, which allow you to convert practically any type of file. There are literally countless converters available on the internet today. These are available as online converters and desktop programs. When it comes to converting word files to PDF, online converters are great. Unfortunately, ...

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