Common security threat available in Windows

Hackers are always actively searching for the administrator account to break into. The reason for this is because the admin has unlimited power. They can create new accounts, install software, change settings, and view the files on all the other accounts stored on a computer. So, the method that I would highly encourage for you to use that will increase your security is to change the admin username which is super easy to do.

Click on start->control panel->user accounts and family safety->user accounts. Select your current administrator account and then change the username, and then it’s done that easily! In addition, I would highly recommend setting up a dummy admin account so that it can be a trap for hackers. The reasonwhy this is a must because if a hacker realizes that you have renamed your admin account to something other than "admin" then they will proceed to search your system for the correct username.

However, if you set up a dummy admin account which is just a regular account with limited privileges but named "admin", then you can outsmart the hacker!
In the worst case scenario even if they do infiltrate your system they won’t be able to have full power as they will just be a user with limited privileges.

Network Discovery

Do you plan on sharing files and printing resources with other computers on the network? If so then you can keep this option on, if not then I would highly recommend disabling this asap. This will add an additional layer of security because you will not be able to see the other computers on the network and conversely they will not be able to see you. This is good if you have a disgruntled neighbor that wants to hack into your computer from the network and impersonate as you.

Router protection system

If you have high speed internet access you more than likely have a router. A router is a box like object that has blinking green lights all over it. What it does is it forwards packets to its ultimate destination. Wireless routers are extremely popular these days and for good reason. Who wants to manage a bunch of messy wires that gets disordered easily and is difficult to keep neat?

I know I don’t, and I think many computing consumers wholeheartedly agree with me. However, due to its popularity and how much control they can gain once they hijack it, hackers are always looking for routers to crack. Let’s take some proper precautions to secure them.

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