Converting a house into a home shouldn’t cost the world!

Buying your own home is an expensive proposition and can leave you significantly drained, resources wise. But buying a house is just the first step, you still need to accentuate your new house and convert it into a home, a place that reflects your personality and taste. Converting your new house into a home that you can be proud of needn’t cost the world. If you don’t mind getting stuck in and doing a bit extra yourself there are a few tips that can really come in handy when you decide to decorate your home.

Tip 1: Make a budget and stick with it:

Ever so often we get really carried away and overspend on things that are of little practical value to the decor of our homes. Before you even decide the colour of your new home’s walls, sit down and draw up a budget, and come hell or high water, stick to it! A budget in this case would be a detailed document outlining the amount, which you will not go above when decorating. Make allowances for curios, paints, tiling, and other expenses and once you are satisfied with the budget, go ahead and invest in these and articles in a phased, systematic manner!

Tip 2: Do it yourself:

The cost of labour jacks up the price of a decor project by a pretty penny. Remember, if you can do something yourself, it will save you a good deal of money and will give you a greater degree of control on the ultimate makeover of your home. Besides activities like painting the walls, wallpapering, shopping for curios and knick knacks etc. can turn out to be fun and help your spouse and you get a better sense of your tastes.

Tip 3: Shop at second hand stores or garage sales

There is absolutely no shame in shopping second hand for items that can have a significant impact on the ambience of a room. Rummaging through garage sales is a great way to find something of great value at a steal. Keep on the lookout for such sales and whenever possible, visit them, you never know what surprising artifact you may be able to uncover!

Tip 4: Start with the bedroom:

You spend ⅓ rd of your life sleeping. The room that accommodates your snoozes therefore deserves your undivided attention. Begin designing your home from the bedroom and you will see that working out a theme becomes much simpler!

Tip 5: Hand me downs

An underappreciated tip is to rummage through your family’s old things to find stuff for your new home. Pick out things of immense aesthetic and sentimental value and you will see that a whole different level of warmth and comfort will unfold itself in your new surroundings.

Tip 6: Save big with stock items

While customisation is a desirable trait, there is a certain merit to buying stock items, without the extra trimmings. For instance if you find a particular type of couch but are not too happy with the trim offered, instead of asking to get it reupholstered, buy the stock product, chances are the product will be a lot cheaper in stock rather than with personalisation. The money you save can easily be used to indulge in other, more practical and fun items.

Tip 7: Troll the internet for unusual, cheap, custom made merchandise

Harness the power of the internet to help you make a dramatic statement of taste while designing your home. Check out sites that offer beautifully framed artworks by obscure artists, products that aren’t commonly available and other such items that will most certainly make your home a haven of comfort and style.

Tip 8: Don’t buy everything all at once

Live in your new house for at least two months before you make any significant purchases. How you think you’re going to use the house and how you actually live in the house are commonly two different things. Maybe that $5,000 you were going to spend on renovating the bathroom isn’t quite as important as beefing up the kitchen and dining area for maximum entertaining purposes. And you may figure out that the living room loveseat would work much better in your master bedroom and the master bedroom’s chaise will work better in the den.

About the author:
Melroy Pinto makes a living, consulting about real estate in mumbai. He loves interacting with clients and has been designing quirky spaces for a good 15 years.

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