Dangerous Home Remedies For Head Lice – Those That Help And Those That Can Put You In The ER!

When my gorgeous niece came home with a dose of head lice from school, we were all quietly horrified, to say the least. I think we did quite well to contain how we felt, but in our own way we never really expected or were prepared for how much it was going to affect all of our lives.

In my quest to find the perfect head lice cure, I spoke with many mothers at my niece’s school, across forums and with anyone else who would talk to me about their head lice problems. I have made it my goal to test these remedies and discuss them with others so that we can all come to something that will work quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of nitpicking.

During this time I have heard of mothers trying some head lice home remedies that have been enough to make my own hair curl.

Many speak of the wonders of Vaseline. What must be remembered here is that another name for Vaseline is Petroleum Jelly. Any petroleum product is flammable and therefore dangerous.

One mother had used ½ cup Kerosene mixed with ½ cup oil. She had combed it through and it had killed all the bugs immediately. She then combed all the dead nits and bugs out.

On further investigation, I found that kerosene is absorbed readily through the skin, is highly toxic and can even cause death.

One Grandmother had used diesel on her daughter who was now the mother of two. I was happy to have caught her before she actually used it on her children, to advise her that diesel was not only highly flammable but extremely toxic as well.

The scalp is extremely permeable to anything placed on it, absorbing up to 60%.

Other mothers had also used Isopropyl alcohol, lighter fluid and gasoline, all of which are highly flammable and extremely toxic.

With gasoline, It must be remembered that it is not actually the gasoline that ignites but the fumes, so an open flame in any part of the room or immediate vicinity could mean everything exposed to the fumes will be engulfed in flame. Some children have been admitted to hospital with horrific burns from the misuse of these highly flammable agents.

Please don’t used diesel or Kerosene on your children lest you want a quick trip to the ER!

One mother washed her daughter’s hair with dog flea shampoo. She worked it through her hair and left it on for about an hour, then washed it off with dandruff shampoo. Another had sprayed her child’s head with flea spray. She said she had never seen them die so fast.

This was just one of the stories where desperate mothers had resorted to chemical veterinarian products. Any chemical that kills pests is a pesticide, and all pesticides have the potential to cause serious side effects. These are even worse because they were not even labeled for head lice and are not intended for human use!

Online in one particular forum I spoke with one mother who had used lawn care chemicals because it claimed to kill bugs in the grass. I was absolutely horrified. It MUST be remembered what these toxic products are for and the human risk involved with every toxic chemical.

Children’s scalps are especially absorbent and parents must decide if these pesticides are worth the risk.

Source by Susan Thomas

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