Deadly Effects of Procrastination on Our Health, Work and Personal Life

Procrastination is a bad habit which is difficult to overcome. Most procrastinators may be aware of all the harmful effects of this habit, still they find it difficult to overcome it.

In this article, we shall discuss a few negative effects of procrastination on our life. When we know what we stand to lose, we may become more motivated to fight this deadly dangerous problem. Do you know that the harmful effects of procrastination may extend to various areas of our life?

Procrastination and Career

First and foremost, let us discuss how procrastination affects the work life. Procrastinating over important things can lead to a lot missed opportunities in business and work life. Your valuable time will be needlessly wasted because you have difficulty in doing things.

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People having this bad habit may always be on the lookout for some excuse or the other to escape from hard work. Sometimes you are not feeling well, sometimes you are not in the right mood, and sometimes you have some other problem. Most of the times, there are just silly excuses to put off doing things that need to be done.

You will not learn new skills and upgrade your knowledge. In today’s competitive world, it is very important for everybody to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills. Other people in the company may overtake you while your progress is very slow or non-existent.

You will be afraid of taking up new projects as you know your habit of procrastinating. You will be afraid that you may not be able to complete the work on time because you keep putting things off. All of this might cause you immense frustration at yourself.

Procrastination and Your Health

Procrastination can also have a bad effect on your health. You know that you are getting fat and have to do something about it. You plan to start eating healthier foods, keep away from junk food and take up exercising. But you keep putting off these things thinking that you will start doing them from the next week or so.

In the meantime, your health is getting more and more spoiled. Still you have not yet started taking any positive action to improve it. Many times, people put off things until their health problems really become very big.

Procrastination and Relationships

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Another important area of life which might be affected is relationships. You will put off simple things like cleaning the desk or cleaning the room which you promised your wife to do. But if you delay it for long, other people might get frustrated and angry at you.

Even small problems like these can result in fights and conflicts, specially if they happen on regular basis. You will keep making promises only to break them off later on. People may stop trusting you because you don’t keep your word. Your family members as well as friends may get frustrated because of your habit.

Because of these problems in your personal life, your health may deteriorate further and so also your work performance, turning this into a vicious cycle. The early you overcome this habit the better it can be for you!

Source by Kent Swigg

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