Does Google PageRank Really Matter?

If you were like I was when I first started my most recent website then you probably believe that you need to have a high page rank (pr) in order to make money and to get traffic. But that is all wrong. When I first started my new website I spent all my free time trying to find easy ways to get a high pr, but then I realized that page rank is not that important, because only webmasters know what it is and what it is meant for.

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Page rank matters a little bit, but not as much as most people think. Most people think that a high page rank will get them on the top of the search engine results page. But pr is only a small factor when it comes to what site is the first on the results page.

If you are serious about building a great website that will attract visitors for a long time then put all your efforts into something else besides just getting a high pr. Besides the difference between pr of 1 and 3 are very slim, it is when your site gets to a 4 or higher that it really matters.

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When I started my site only 3 weeks ago I thought page rank is what is holding me back. But come to find out that my site has a pr of 0 and I still have an alexa rating of under 850,000 and I receive more than 300 Unique visitors per day. Those are great numbers for a 3 week old site, right?

Source by Adam Snyder

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