Driving Electrics Cars Is A New Way To Save The Environment

Electrics cars date backs to the nineteenth century. In comparison to the conventional engines, these cars have less effect on the environment. Much of it is due to the electric motor used in this. The electrical energy used in the car is stored in the battery of the car. The motor of the car helps in smooth acceleration. Over the years, there has been a surge in the sale of these cars. Noted automobile manufacturers have introduced a number of new models in the category of electric cars. Major reason being that these cars are eco-friendly in nature, and owners need to incur fewer expenses for maintaining the car, and the battery of the car can be recharged easily, which is similar to that of your mobile phone.

Less effect on environment

The major advantage of an electric car is its ability to reduce air pollution. Unlike the other cars, electric cars produce less of greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions as there is no scope of tailpipe emission. This is due to the technology that is used for generation of electricity to keep the car running. You need not depend on foreign oils for running the car. The demand of foreign oil is a major cause of concern for many countries, due to the volatility of price and disruption in supply. To encourage the use of these cars, many countries have provision of subsidies, tax rebates and various other incentives to the use of these cars.

Determinants for purchase

If you are planning to buy an electric car soon, there is few check points that you need to keep in mind. The distance that is covered with the car before the battery is recharged, also termed as range in the automobile community, capacity of the car which includes the number of passengers it can accommodate, number of doors of the car, then the acceleration of the car and the comfort of driving and lastly the battery of the car are to be considered while purchasing a car. These factors differentiate a car of a particular make from the other. Comparing the features of different models and a little research on them can turn out to be fruitful. Even if you are opting for cash for cars make sure that you are getting paid fairly, based on the condition of your car. This process of recycling the cars is considered to be an initiative to protect the nature.

Features of the car

Gamut of factors lures customers to buy electric cars. First one being, that these cars are energy efficient, in nature. These cars convert almost sixty percent of the electrical energy to power, whereas the gasoline cars convert only twenty percent of the energy. Since, there is no tailpipe emission it does not contribute to polluting the environment. You will enjoy a smooth driving with strong acceleration, with this car. Even it does not emit sound like the other conventional cars. There is no dependence on energy as a source of electricity is domestic for these cars.

Secret lies in the battery

The battery used in the car has a big role play. This is an important factor that helps to decide the car or the brand that you want to buy. The electricity is produced as a result of chemical reaction within the battery. Batteries that are used for these cars are the Lead-acid ones, Nickel metal hydride and the Lithium-ion batteries. The battery range of a car depends highly on your driving habit. Avoid rash driving as it leads to low generation of power, but if you apply a slow break, it will help the battery to gain more power. Recharging the battery is also very convenient. Couple it with any electric point or outlet and the battery will get charged like any other electronic device.

Author Bio: Peter Hadley is an environmentalist. He promotes various practices that reduce the harmful effect on the environment. Electric cars have mentioned once and again in his blogs because of its eco-friendly nature. He also recommends cash for cars as it has good impact on the environment.

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