Earn Cash Make Money Online Start a Podcast – Part 2

You’ve established an interesting podcast with a focused theme, you have a great team and you’ve encouraged audience participation, what now? Read on!

Earn Cash Make Money Online by Starting a Podcast Tip Number 4: choose relevant ads

When you receive advertising offers try to accept the ones that are relevant to your podcast. This will not alienate your audience and will actually be more effective in terms of advertising. Another important thing is the timing of your spoken ads, make sure they somehow fit between your normal talk and not just blurted out whenever convenient.

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Earn Cash Make Money Online by Starting a Podcast Tip Number 5: have fun

Don’t think of it as a chore or just a way to make money. Any feelings of boredom or uneasiness will be transported to your audience through your voice and tone; there is nothing more off putting this. If you are having fun with your team then this atmosphere will infuse your audience with the same spirit and will make them enjoy your programs more.

Earn Cash Make Money Online by Starting a Podcast Tip Number 6: have guests form other popular and related podcasts

Having guest podcasters from popular podcasts will double your audience, because this is effectively cross advertising. His or her audience will want to listen to you, and your audience will want to listen to him. So it also pays to be the guest to another podcast. Be sure to choose relevant podcasts thought.

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Creating a podcast is a lot of fun, but it also requires effort and patience to make money off of it. If it is your passion then go for it and follow our tips then improvise and choose your style later on.

Source by Ahmed Mohey El-Deen

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