Earn Legitimate Money Online – An Honest Review of How to Make Extra Cash Online

There are many ways that allow people to earn a legitimate cash flow online, from selling their own products, to selling other people’s products and earning a commission. I would say that the majority of money that is being transferred over the Internet is through Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is nothing new. Each and every year Internet marketers earn tens of billions (thats right, billions) of dollars online in revenue selling products for online companies. This all may sound a bit complicated to you but trust me when I say this: Internet Marketing is a very simple process and doesn’t require you to be an Internet expert by any means.

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There are several duties that an Internet Marketer must accomplish. These duties include:

1) Sending people to company websites using various Internet Marketing strategies and techniques (which we will talk about in a second).

2) When those people that you sent to that company website make a purchase you get a commission. There are literally hundreds of thousands of companies online that are willing to pay you upwards of 90% commission of the entire product sale price! So how do you affiliate with these companies to sell their products and earn 90% commission? It’s easy! There are literally 100,000’s of companies out there that are just waiting for you (as an Internet Marketer) to knock on their door step, learn about their product, and sell it online. Amazon.com is a HUGE product website with a very well-known affiliate program for Internet Marketing. This is just one example of one company out there.

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3) So how do you get paid? Each pay period you will receive a check (just as if you were receiving it from your day job). However, some companies will also wire you the money directly to your bank account or pay you directly through PayPal.

Those three steps explain how Internet Marketing works. However, there are several other aspects with Internet Marketing that you need to learn if you plan to earn legitimate money online.

Source by Todd Perkins

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