Earn Money Online by Writing Articles

If you have an hour or two a day and you can write at the eighth grade level (most newspapers are written at that level) you can turn your writing into cash online.

There are sites that pay for content. Most of the sites require that you post your article first and wait for a buyer to come by and purchase the articles. Other sites share the revenue they earn from ads when someone clicks on an ad after reading your article. Some freelance sites let you choose the articles you would like to write, but don’t pay until the article has been reviewed and accepted.

AssociatedContent buys the article from you. The pay is minimal from $3 to $5per 500 word article. However there are occasions where AssociatedContent has paid up to $50 per article. The articles can be submitted on an exclusive basis, meaning they aren’t and won’t be posted anywhere else, or nonexclusive, which means you’ve used the article elsewhere. If the article has been used elsewhere it must have your name on it as the author.

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It takes a day or two for AssociatedContent to review the article and make the offer. You are not required to accept the offer and can withdraw the article. It takes another two days for the article to be published and then two or three days for AssociatedContent to make the payment to you.

Articles on popular subjects usually make the most money, whether you’re selling the article itself or just earning ad revenues. Scan article directories to see which subjects have the most articles. Go to Google trends for up to the minute keyword phrases that are the most popular.

Use keyword phrases in the title of your article, once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph. This method will make sure your articles show up higher in the search engine rankings. And that means people are more likely to find them.

Write the article in a friendly tone, as if you were answering a question from a friend. A good length for articles is between 400 and 500 words. Long enough to be interesting but not so long the reader loses interest.

Sitting and staring at a blank computer screen while you struggle to get started on your article can be frustrating. Here are three methods that work.

1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell Them. Tell them what you told them. In the first paragraph state what the article is going to be about. Make a list of 3 bullet points that will be covered in the article. Write a paragraph to explain each bullet point and why it’s important. The final paragraph is a summary of what has been covered in the bullet points.

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2. State the problem. State why the problem is important to the reader. Provide a general solution. Provide a specific solution.

3. Introduction of the problem. 3 or 4 tips to solve the problem. Conclusion

After the article has been written check it for correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. You don’t have to be a great writer to earn money online by writing but well written articles will earn you more than poorly written articles.

Source by Dee Power

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