Earn Money Online Without Selling a Product

It is possible to earn money online without selling any products whatsoever. There are numerous sources for online income, and I will introduce these to you so you can begin earning money online:

Google AdSense on your blog
Banner ads on your blog
Donation button
Membership sites

Google AdSense on Your Blog

You can put Google AdSense ads on any blog in all subject areas. Google has a system that adapts their ads to your content. So whether you’re writing about horse riding, poodle haircuts, special foods for cats and dogs, you can get relevant ads in any of these fields.

The Google system is built around two sub-systems: in Google AdWords people run bids for certain keywords, and in Google AdSense you implement ads ordered through the AdWords system. In that manner Google delivers a certain quota for each click sold through the AdWords system and you can earn money without needing any further implementation of ads.

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Many people call this passive income because there is no need to update these ads once they are set up as you want on your website or blog.

Banner Ads on Your Blog

When you set up banner ads on your blog you get money either per times your ad is shown, or per click or for each sale made through your banners. Banner ads need to be changed from time to time so they are always relevant for your blog readers. Once they have clicked on a specific ad they’re not likely to do so again for the same ad as all you readers will no doubt have guessed already.

Donation Button

The Donation button may work well for some special interest sites, and people can thus support you in niches where there might not be any relevant Google AdSense or banner ads. Leave it up to people themselves to decide what amount they want to donate – and you will find that the PayPal payment services have an excellent system to handle payments of such donations.

Membership Sites

For other sites you may decide to have some content that is free, and then content which requires registered users to be members to read. You will see many more sites being developed into membership sites because it is an easy way to raise money for special interest subjects.

When you know a doctor has invested a lot of time in creating cures for some special skin disease it’s only fair that he should be paid for his information made available to those needing a cure. When you have a normal subscription to any news magazine, you often pay 50-80$ per year to get a printed magazine. Getting the same content for maybe 30$ per year can easily be shared into 7.50$ per quarter or maybe 3$ per month.

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You should however consider making a system whereby people save money by paying one year ahead of time. It enhances your budgets to know how much money flows through the system when people take advantage of paying 30$ straight away rather than 3$ per month.- even though you “loose” 6$ per year.

In Conclusion

You can earn money online without having any products to sell. I hope to have inspired you in this article. Good luck in building your websites and blogs, and please feel free at any time to get in touch with me. You can find information on how to get in touch with me through the resource box below.

Source by Henrik V Blunck

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