Earn Online Money – 3 Honest Ways to Earn Money Online

Making money online is nothing new, but it’s gotten a bad reputation because of all the unscrupulous wheelers and dealers out there, preying on people who are eagerly looking for opportunities to make some extra money to ease their financial situation.

I’ve seen plenty of these wolves in sheep’s clothing, and unfortunately, I’ve even fallen victim to a few of them myself when I was starting out online. Cutting through their bushels of crap seems to be kind of a right of passage for aspiring internet marketers.

If you’ve been taken by these types, don’t feel bad, you’re truly not alone. The good thing is that you recognize that the stuff they’re peddling isn’t going to get you anywhere but the poor house. Now you’re looking for the real deal – the type of information that produces real monetary results for real effort.

I want to make extra income. Are there any honest ways to earn money online?

Luckily, you’ve found this article, because I am more than happy to let you know the answer to your question is – YES!

Every day there are numerous people, who were once in your shoes, who now make a good, honest living by working for themselves online. Notice I said the word WORK. To make decent money at this, you have to actually do something that produces financial returns.


If you are a waitress, you make money by serving customers their meals. In return for good service, you get paid in cash tips.

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If you are an office manager, you make money by supervising people and making sure they produce the results your company wants. You get paid for making your department successful.

If you are a teacher, you prepare lesson plans, show up everyday for class and make sure your students are absorbing enough knowledge to pass your class. You get paid for educating your students.

Making money online is the same as making money offline, you’ve got to produce something valuable that people want in order to get paid.

Okay, so I know from personal experience that there are three very popular ways to make money online that a lot of people are having great success with.

Create an Affiliate Website or Blog

Do a search in Google for just about any subject and you’ll see information websites and blogs pop up. Some have hundreds of pages of information, while others have only 5 to 10 pages. Many of the sites you see will be promoting affiliate products.

This method is popular because it’s relatively easy to do. Research a topic, set up a website or blog and add your content. Sign up for affiliate programs with sites like Commission Junction, LinkShare, PepperJam or Clickbank. Add affiliate product links and/or images to your site and then work on getting visitors to your pages.

When visitors click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale – normally called a commission. In most cases, you’ll receive a check (as long as you make the minimum amount) in about 30 days after the pay period ends.

Be prepared to create a really good information site that focuses on helping your visitors with the subject they’re researching. The better the information you provide, the better reputation your site or blog gets, which results in more visitors – an increase in visitors often means an increase in the amount of your affiliate check.

Create Your Own Information Product

Another area that people are having a lot of success with online is creating information products and selling their information in the form of an ebook. This requires some effort on your part to gather the information, put it in a nicely laid out readable format, upload it to a website, hook it up to a payment processor like Paypal or Clickbank, then promote it to the public for the amount you’ve set.

For the content, you can use your own information that you’ve researched from scratch, or you can purchase the rights to use information put together by someone else. Either way, you can sell your eBook and keep all the profits for yourself.

If you choose this method, be sure not to limit your aspirations to the overcrowded internet marketing niche. People are searching for information for all kinds of things. You can make good money selling information to a small, but eager group of folks hungry for what you offer. Just make sure you do your research first to see if your targeted group is willing to spend money for this information. You don’t want to waste your precious time creating a product that no one wants.

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Writer for Hire

As the internet grows and more people come online, there is a growing need for good writers who can create content for websites, blogs, forums and articles. Many people don’t like to write or want to, but aren’t good at it, yet they need compelling content to attract visitors to their site.

As a writer for hire, you would offer your writing services and create this content for them at a reasonable rate. When deciding what to charge, make sure you do your research before setting rates. There are writers who charge very low and others who charge at the higher end.

You may need to charge a lower rate when starting out, then as you build your credibility and obtain more clients, you can adjust your rates as you see fit.

Writing for online clients takes discipline and the ability to meet deadlines. If you can handle yourself professionally, you’ll find a never ending supply of clients willing to pay you for putting words on a page.

I’ve highlighted three great ways that you can make money doing honest work online. If you do a little more research, you’ll discover many more options available to you.

Source by Brenda Ballentine

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