Ethical Issues in Health Care Management

One of each and every most significant ethical issue in health care management is the security of info about the patient, which is both private and personal. To begin with, patient medical records were widely available to any person and everybody; this nevertheless is no more the situation. Majority of hospitals these days maintain the patient records very secure and private today.

An ethical business organization of more and more health care executives, physicians and nursemaids is to protect themselves from the risk of getting communicable diseases coming from the patients, particularly when the patient records is not available in some manner. And even though, health care professionals do have the right to protect themselves from the several viruses that could be transferred by the patients to them, nevertheless, at the same time they must take care not in order to make the patients miserable by making these protective treatments very apparent.

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While marketing of hospitals, to make the people conscious of the hospital and its services is very essential to advertise any hospital. Attention requires to be taken that the hospital agencies and the vendors follow certain recommendations and moral principles concurrently. To manage the ethical consequences in health care marketing, the hospital agencies should ensure that the info they give through advertisement is completely precise and appropriate. Secondly, marketing in no way entails aggressively promoting and recommending such services to the patients whom they might not even need. So this should be ignored as well. Finally, a marketer or a chief should not forget his main motive, i.e. benefit of the patient. Profit making is important, but is not the be all and end all of health care marketing and management.

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