Find an Easy Website Builder That Provides Competition Information

Study the competition and the traffic and you will learn the market. Competition online can be ascertained by looking at the number of sites. That alone will determine nothing. It is the number of website providing real content that is your true competition.

An effective easy website builder must be able to list true competition for your keywords. That will save you much time and energy. Look and see what they are offering. Compare it with your offer that is the real competition. Do not treat as a competition but as a teaching tool to help you learn better about your market and products.

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It is very simple. Just type in your keywords and look at the first ten sites that come up in a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Open the first one and spend some time browsing through. Study what they are offering and how the layout. Is it an affiliate site? Is it a landing page?

You also need to understand the Alexa ranking system and find out their rank in Alexa. This will determine how difficult or easy to compete with them to rank in a search engine. Study also if you have Firefox tools to see the page rank of the website for Google. An easy website builder should teach you this.

The PR and Alexa rank will give a fair understanding of your competition. If the PR is 0-2, you have more than a fair chance to compete for the place on the page. The Alexa rank is a little more complex than that. In addition, it is not always accurate as their ranking only shows up for sites that have installed Alexa. Some may not show Alexa at all.

The last thing is to read the content in view of the keywords. Open the view source page and see what their content keywords are. Study the title that appears on top of the page to see if the title consists of the keywords or not. If the keyword is not in the title and not in the keywords content section, you have a good chance. You have a very good chance to compete with that page.

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A good easy website builder should provide you with the competition information and help you build a solid page with the correct percentage of keyword density with title and headlines. This will assure you of your ranking with the search engines.

Source by Robert R Fenn

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