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Building a website can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks, sometimes longer and other times shorter dependent on the size of the project. Driving traffic to your site and appearing on the first page of the search engines is the part that requires time and effort.

Here are a few questions that you should think about:-

Is your website going to find its own way into the search engines?

If it does then:-

What will people type into the search engine in order to find you?

On what page will the results show in?

These are some very important questions that need to be looked into by any webmaster. Whats the point of having a website called that sells LCD TVs and only comes into the search engines when someone types in BlahBlah. If you own a site that sells products like LCD TVs then you will want your items ranking best in search engines and not the name of your site. Whats the logic in ranking number one for BlahBlah and number 210 for JVC LCD LT42DS9 which is one of the products it sells?

I would like to share some known tips and tricks to give your website that boost in traffic and show you how to work on separate parts of your site which you would like ranking higher then other parts. So lets get started.

There are many tools on the net that are specifically designed for webmasters, the majority being open source which means that they are free to use. As Google is the king of search engines its always a good idea to concentrate on Google, the other search engines will automatically follow. I would recommend using the Google analytics tool which will show you information about your site, where traffic is coming from, what your bounce rate is and much more precious information. Sign up for Google webmaster tools and utilise the tools that Google provide. You can set the speed of the spiders that index your site, set the area for your targeted traffic (UK for example on domain) and find out many more things about your site.

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When you first get your website you will notice that you dont show up on search engines even though you type the full address of your URL. People say that the best way around this is to upload a Sitemap in your Google webmaster account showing Google that your site exists and showing the pages contained within it. Sometimes Google can take upto a month or so before they get round to visiting your site. This is a long time to wait especially after working on your website for 2 weeks solid. You want to get into the search engines as soon as possible.

Building backlinks is the key to a successful website. I would personally recommend that you concentrate on your backlinks the most. If you can get back links on sites that are already indexed and spiders visit them everyday then your site will more or less instantly appear in the search engines. Spiders will crawl the site that contains your backlink as usual and come across your link. The spider will then follow the link to your site and start indexing. Within a few days you will be in the search engines.

Build your backlinks as anchor text with words that you want to rank high for. So for example instead of writing as your backlink write something like ‘Buy LCD TV’ which then becomes a link to When the spider crawls the site and comes to your backlink it will notice that this site refers to you as buy lcd tv and note it down. When someone types in buy lcd tv in the search engine you will rank higher in the search results. When you have enough backlinks pointing to your site with relevant keywords as the anchor text, you will start to see a massive improvement of traffic and sales.

The best backlinks to concentrate on are one way links. This means that a site links to you and you do not link back to it. The second type is a 2 way link which is also known as a reciprocal link. This means that you link to a site with the understanding that they link back to you. This type of link building is not as powerful as it once was.

There are many ways to build one way links. Let us look at the most common ways. Write articles, do exactly what I am doing now. Witting useful articles will allow you to place a link in the authors section. This is very useful as this provides you with a 1 way backlink.

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Be active in your line of business. Visit relevant blogs and add to the knowledge base by leaving a review or comment.

Submit your website to directories. You will be able to submit your website to relevant parts of the directory. This will provide relevant traffic and a back link.

Exchange relevant links with other websites. You can contact webmasters requesting link exchanges. The majority of webmasters will know how important it is to keep building their backlinks especially with relevant sites.

A few things to note are to change around your anchor text every now and then. Build links to all your pages. To start of with you will need to work a number of hours a day once you start seeing the results dont stop. Work on your back links for 1 hour a day at the very least. Try to get do follow backlinks. So

how can you increase your page rank?

The more a spider gets directed to your website the more popular it thinks your site is. Goggle review sites about every 4 months. As long as you concentrate on your backlinks you will find that spiders crawl your site more. When your website comes up for review with a little luck you should have your first page rank.

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