Get Higher Google Ranking – Use This Easy Link Building Strategy

Higher Google ranking is possible by using this easy link building strategy

I am pretty sure that everyone knows just how important it is to have high rankings on the mother of all search engines Google, yup, if you are ranking well on Google, then expect to get much more traffic than your competition.

The problem is that many folks are not ranking well on Google and they really don’t know what to do about it either, if this is your problem then you have come to the right article. If you want to have great rankings on Google then the answer is very simple, it is all about having quality backlinks that show relevance to your site or niche.

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Linkbuilding is the answer when it comes to higher Google rankings and what I want to share with you today is a simple linkbuilding strategy that I use all the time for getting better rankings on Google.

Ok, the first thing that you must do is to find blogs that allow you to comment on them, well you say that this is nothing new, right it isn’t, but we need to find blogs that have a “dofollow” tag and not a “nofollow” tag.

A dofollow tag basically lets Google or its spider crawl back to a site that the blog comment came from, a nofollow tag basically denies Google from giving you a backlink for the blog comment that you may have made on another person’s blog.

Your goal is to dominate Google and get higher rankings, I explained that in order to get higher rankings you will need to get more 1 way backlinks, commenting on blogs that have dofollow is one of the ways we can build quality 1 way backlinks.

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If you want to find blogs that have the dofollow tag, then go to Google and type “dofollow blogs”, after typing this, you shall see some websites or directories that are dedicated to showing you blogs that have that awesome dofollow tag.

This linkbuilding strategy works and many have seen great results plus higher search engine rankings by using this strategy.

Source by Terry Paris

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