Hate Vs Happy and Its Affect on Your Health

It is obviously a no brainer to decide which is the better state to be in Happy or Hate. I don’t think that many of us really consider the other H word in all this, our health.

When we hate someone we give them power over us, they affect our sleep, our appetite, our blood pressure our health and our happiness.

Our enemies would be jumping for joy if they just knew what we were going through and how miserable we felt.Our hate is not actually harming them at all, but it is turning our days and nights into a really miserable existence.

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There is an old saying that goes. “He who can anger you conquers you.”

This is so true, we are going through hell wishing all those terrible things on them and they are blissfully unaware.

A recent survey has shown that most people with hypertension have admitted that they bear grudges and cannot forgive. Hypertension is a great cause of heart failure.

I know it doesn’t sound fair does it, someone does the wrong thing by you, and by bearing a grudge you put your health at risk.

The simple solution is if someone does the wrong thing by you, instantly forgive them and let them see that you are not worried, this will totally confuse them and you can even have a little chuckle wondering what they make of it.

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So whats the solution? do not buy into anger or hate just relax and realise that by just staying calm you are in fact looking after your health.

Make your default setting happiness and just see how your health and your life change.

“Wherever Happiness goes Success and Wealth will follow”

Source by Croz Crossley

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