Health – Command Your Body to Be Healthy

You can command your body to be healthy and it will do what you tell it to do. Sounds nuts, doesn’t it? Yet that is exactly how I work on clients in my Specialized Kinesiology practice.

When you tell your body what to do you meet resistance. Knowing how to resolve that energetic resistance allows you to heal. Ah, but then your mind may kick in programs that cause you to revert to your previous unhealthy state. You must check for and clear all those subconscious blocks, the many avenues your body-mind will take to derail your wellness to get and stay well.

Surprised? Most people run programs to self-sabotage all healing efforts. That is one big reason an energy worker can assist their feeling better but the effects wind up being temporary. It is important for healthcare practitioners to know how to delete those self-sabotage programs AND install programs for wellness.

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If you remove a program (just like when you stop a habit) you leave a space in the energy field. Nature abhors a vacuum so it fills it with something of like kind of whatever you just removed. You can prevent that new bad program from taking hold by inputting a new good program.

How in the world do you do that?

I am glad you asked. Your computer body-mind contains programs that make up your belief systems. Notice I said systems with an “s.”

Your programs come with your inherited beliefs (that is why certain emotional as well as physical issues get handed down generation to generation until someone consciously decides to stop that cycle.) and your constructed beliefs created in this lifetime.

All those hidden-from-your-awareness programs link with your chakra system. Each chakra defines very specific issues in your body and also in your emotional body.

Therefore, to remove all that mess you need to know how to access those programs. As a specialized kinsiologist I know how to do so and together we clear out thoughts like, “I don’t deserve to be well.” OR, “It is not safe for me to be well.” A vast array of programs that you might ever imagine could exist and actually run your health and well being status.

Once we clear those issues then I command the body to replace all unhealthy programs, cells and tissues with healthy new programs cells and tissues for full and optimal functioning of the life force of the client.

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Well, not surprisingly I have yet to see the body that already runs such a command so I energetically install it in both the inherited and constructed belief systems. And that explains why my clients rarely have a re-occurrence of whatever it is we treated.

Who’d a thought you can command the body and have it listen? Remember that is exactly what happens all the time. Your body hears every word you say. In fact it responds to the thought before the words even leave your mouth.

Pay attention to your thoughts and your word choice!

Source by Ali Bierman

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