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During my daily morning walk at 7.00 am, many new friends walking alongside told me about how they have cured themselves of their health problems through just brisk walking or slow jogging. To look fresh and feel your best, it is essential to stay active and keep physically fit. It is the best natural way to stay healthy other than any vitamin pills and supplements. It contributes also to good muscle tone for strength and flexibility, posture and physique and good emotional stamina and mental health.

The human body has over 600 muscles in various sizes and shapes. They are in the form of threadlike fibres in bundles. The brain sends signals to them to contract which result in muscular action. If the muscles are seldom used then they become flabby and sluggish. It is through exercise that they are stimulated and returned back to good condition.

To keep the heart fit, health authorities agree that continued physical activity suited to age and health status is the best way to keep it fit. It is contrary to the old fashioned belief about prolonged bed rest for the ailing heart. For the heart patients recuperating from heart attacks, it is important to do mild physical activity and this has been included in the care program. On the blood vessels, the fatty substances known as cholesterol can build up as deposits on the blood vessel walls. Regular exercise combined with proper diet will help keep down the fatty substances.

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Tense muscles can lead to nervous breakdown or they are an indication of nervous tension. For people who are hot tempered, have a lot of anger, frustration, worry or other disturbing emotions, exercise can provide a wholesome relief for them. Try brisk walking or slow jogging (or any type of exercise suitable for you) when you are in that mood, you will realize that it will slow down and feel better after you have sweated it out.

Good posture improves physical appearance and it also creates the best positioning of the lungs, heart and visceral organs. Well-toned muscles make it easier to sit and stand straight as well as walking with upright body, weight evenly distributed and abdominal muscles pulled in. Your back should be straight, hips pulled in, knees slightly bent and buttocks tucked under. When you combine exercise with proper nutrition and avoid overeating, it will help you reach and maintain ideal weight goals.

There are rules to follow before you commence your regular exercise. Make sure that you are healthy, have physical checkup before starting a series of regular exercise. This applies to people who are recuperating from poor health or wanting to start exercising. It is not advisable to immediately rush into it because your body may not be able to take it yet. Start exercising gradually and proceed at your own pace without overdoing it. Carry out each exercise correctly so that you stimulate your body systems safely. Wear comfortable clothing and select a convenient time (best is in the morning) and stick to it as a regular daily routine. It takes time to get back into shape and don’t expect results right away. As time passes, with repeated workouts the exercises will seem easier to do and keep your courage and don’t give up. It is like eating, we have to eat everyday.

If you have gone through a serious illness or operation, then follow your physician’s advice about the kind and amount of exercise that you should do. Stop exercising when you feel sick and consult your doctor. If you have been ill for over a week with minor illness and no fever, resume your exercise routine gradually as you feel up to it according to your physical and mental strength.

Warm-up exercises are those that help you to avoid over straining the muscles and accelerating the action of the lungs and heart too fast. Examples are sit-ups, knee push-ups, toe touching, leg raising, flutter kicking, arm circling, ankle stretching and knee bending. But if you are just going for brisk walking, then start slowly and pick up the momentum as you walk. The best is at least fifteen minutes a day until you sweat it out or two kilometers of walk.

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For the rest of the day after the morning exercise, give yourself positive feedback such as feeling good about yourself and tell yourself you are healthy. It is one huge step to develop good mental attitude to relieve stress at work or home. Reward yourself because you are entitled to it or live your life leisurely. Smiling and laughter have long been proven as important ingredients to reduce stress. A good laugh has never hurt anyone and laughter is one of the best medicines. Before long, you will be looking buff and pink (healthy) and ready to take on the world. So, don’t wait for tomorrow, start exercising today to burn away the bulge.

For facial exercise so as to have tighter and better complexion and better and stronger gum, wake up at least fifteen minutes earlier and stay in bed doing facial exercise. Move your jaws by opening and closing your mouth hard and stick your tongue in and out and move it sideways. By the time you really wake up, you can see yourself looking better and fresher. You may be able to save your teeth due to gum problems.

Author: T.A Chew

Source by Teow Aun Chew

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