Health Risk of Soy

Are you aware of the health risk of soy?

Do you honestly believe soy is a health food? After studying this document and performing some research on your own you will probably change your mind. Soy is literally an anti-nutrient. It may contain heavy metals such as aluminum and can do harm to your hormonal balance.

Soy may slow or accelerate Sexual Maturation, – Cause Damage to Newborns. – Soy contains Potent Enzyme Inhibitors. – May Promote Blood Clots.- Most Soy is Genetically Modified – .Feeding Soy to Children may be considered Child Abuse.- May widely contain: Nitrates, Isoflavones, Phytic-Acid (anti-nutrient). – Contribute to Breast Cancer. -Affect Brain Functions. – Weaken the Immune System. – Cause Kidney Stones. – Reduce Male Fertility. – Attribute to Malnutrition

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Two glasses of soy milk a day can change women’s menstrual cycle by mimicking female hormones.

Soy can block the intake of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. This is due to it’s phytic acid content. There seems to be a relationship between consuming soy and brain aging! Does that sound healthy to you? Well then what about killing testicular cells? You may see now how soy may unnecessarily cause many health problems including Alzheimer’s and affect brain functions. Soy is not the “perfect food” you were led to believe. Actually it is more of a health risk causing many health related problems.

Most soybeans are grown on farms using toxic pesticides adding insult to injury. The only soy products that should be consumed is organic fermented soy. Even then don’t over do it.

Israel has issued a health warning that soy should be eaten in moderation and soy formula avoided altogether. Soy users may be deficient in B12 and Vitamin-D. Also Soy may contain MSG from processing. MSG is very bad for you and is another entire article in itself.

Soy is in many foods that we aren’t aware of including many vegetarian products.

Seems to me that soy’s many negative aspects outweighs any helpful ones. It’s a disgrace that soy have been marketed as such a super health food just to serve someone’s financial benefits with no care about the results to our population’s health.

Remember that soy is in many products particularly in health food stores, so read the labels. Many animals that people eat are fed soy and grains that make these products unhealthy too. I often shop at our neighboring health food store and always read the labels before I purchase.

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You have to be diligent. Read the labels. Stay informed by doing research and making smart decisions.

I strongly advise you to consider the health risk of soy and to investigate it further and make a forthcoming decision on your own. It is my responsibility to inform you about these matters so that you may choose.

You can search for “soy’s health risk” on Google or other search engines to find many studies on soy. Visit and search for soy on his site also.

Wishing you the best of health now and into the years to come.

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Source by Lambert Klein

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