Health, Wealth And The Pursuit Of The Whole Person

How Important Is Health In The Quality Of Life?

Wealth in itself has no meaning without the ability to enjoy it. Health is, without a doubt, one of the most important attributes of a well rounded person. It does no good to have wealth without health. How could one derive pleasure from a body that is incapable of experiencing it. Health is spoke number four in the wheel of life.

But Wait, why are so many Americans out of shape?

If health is so important, why then do so many Americans continue to be out of shape. Heart disease, diabetics, cancer are at a all time high yet with ample warning, Americans fail to take heed of conditions. They continue to over eat, shirk exercise and belly up to the fast food take out window. Their relationships are dwindling as self esteem continues to plummet. They use food as a scapegoat to comfort the soul but find it’s all in vain.

Diet programs are at a all time high as they tout they are the answer to health and enjoyment. But health is a state of mind, reflecting inner disturbances and people, well people tend to follow their inner state of confusion. They need comfort, escape from everyday pressures, so they indulge.

I can’t answer the question

I can’t add any more than you have already heard a thousand times over. You need to be fit in order to enjoy life as it was meant to be. But alas, you will follow your own desires and your health will be impaired. That’s not to say a few will take health serious and will take care of themselves. Some of you will experience a heart attack and, if you survive, will take notice of your condition.

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Inner emotions drive outward actions

If a person is subject to inner cravings, how then can they break away from their own mind-set and maintain an acceptable level of fitness. How indeed, if I could answer that question I could make millions. But perhaps all is not lost. People develop habits out of necessity. Many detrimental actions take the place of something. Dissatisfaction, boredom, confusion all factors of the mind. There is no physical condition that drives a person to harm him/herself. If a condition does exist, it is very rare but for the most part overindulgence or an harmful inaction stems from the mind. Relationship in trouble, have a hamburger. Sound ridiculous? It is, but people tend to do the ridiculous.

How can you get Fit?

Actually being fit is not difficult. If it’s a person’s state of mind that causes resistance to the basics of good health then we need to change our thinking. Let’s face it, good health, like everything else, requires you to do something. For those who have already fallen into their own self made trap, they must first ask the question, “Why Should I Change?” Set down and be honest with yourself. Take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, up and down and side to side. Write a heading at the top of each block. One is what you are doing now the second is what you would like be doing. What are your eating habits, your exercise habits, your relationships, your job advancements? The next is what would you like them to be?

The third is what you need to do and why you should change. The last is you commitment to your betterment. Sound easy? It is, but the commitment means you must engage yourself with your findings, and that, my friend is near impossible. Old habits came about over time and it takes time to develop new ones. Most people don’t have the patience or willpower for change. They need support from loved ones and others who influence them. They don’t need a crutch, but they need a new foundation for being.

A Good Life means compromise

If health effects life’s quality and it is no more than “interpretation of personal experience” then people should make that interpretation as enjoyable as possible. Life Quality involves satisfying not pacifying self where self is the center of your being. The deterrent is when an individual reaches a satisfied state, he/she will adapt to prevailing conditions. This satisfied state may be reached outside of good health. A person may become satisfied by over or under indulgence.

Wealth requires fine tuning

Wealth in itself is a condition and not a prerequisite for happiness. While wealth may be a contributing factor for elevated life quality it is not a required element for inner satisfaction. Satisfaction of one’s inner self comes from a realization of acceptable accomplishments and balance of spirit. When a person resolves that he/she does not fill the requirements for satisfaction, then he/she will become dissatisfied with life’s quality.

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Quality of life is accomplished when attentive attention, goal setting, and purposeful action are organized into active position. Happiness, well being, since of accomplishment, good health, purposeful acts, are all part of quality of life. Quality of life is a positive experience of involvement where engagement is welcomed.

Fulfill Your Dreams

Whether your dream is to be or not to be is largely dependent upon your actions! The cure for the ills of procrastination is a heavy prescription of action, until the day arrives when your dreams and their achievement are one in the same. Until you cannot tell them apart! And when that day arrives, dream bigger dreams and take more action.

A good plan will almost always get you in the door, but it is action that seals the deal. So you want a guarantee? Well here it is: Without purposeful action, the only guarantee is failure and mediocrity! Belief without works is dead. Stop being a putts and get busy.

Don’t tiptoe toward your goal, walk confidently…before it waltz’s off into the arms of neglect.

Happy Trails

Source by Donald Yates

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