How Can I Use Web Directories To Increase My Google Rank?

We all know how Google Page Rank works to send traffic to our websites: the more relevant websites that link to yours, the higher your Page Rank and search engine position will be. The higher the Page Rank of websites that link to you, the higher your Page Rank will be again.

So can you imagine how useful it would be if there were relevant websites that would link to yours for free? Your search engine position would sky rocket, right?

The fact is that website-directories do exactly this… IF you use them correctly. The latter part of that sentence is the key part. This article aims to show you how.

Many people spend hours at a time submitting their website to directories and their websites position barely changes. On the other hand, some people don’t spend as long and yet see tremendous growth in their traffic and profits.

The answer to the question “How do I use directories effectively?” lies in what particular directories you are submitting yourself to. If you want the results you need to choose the right ones, it’s that simple.

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Ideally you want a directory that offers “static text links”. A banner does not have the same effect on search engine rankings and neither does a text link that is there for a while and then goes. Only certain directories offer this.

Also, when Google looks at the websites that link to you to determine their worth it looks at when the domain name was registered. It looks for how old they are. Websites and directories older than three years will improve your Google rank far more than younger ones hosted on free domain names. If you want to earn money with your business be a professional and associate with other professionals.

It is quite hard for the average person to find out the age of the directory that you re posting to though, right? Don’t worry; your solution is at the end of this article.

Another point to make is relevancy. Some people spend far too much time submitting their website to directories that link to anyone’s link or to totally irrelevant directories. Google judges the quality of the link that links to you by how relevant it is to your website. If you run a website about cooking Chinese food then don’t waste your time posting your link to a directory of dog-keeping related sites.

If you keep your directory submission relevant then you will get more traffic and consequently make more money online. Make sure your website is a part of the core mission of the directory.

Remember also that the higher quality the other websites on the directory are, the higher the websites page rank is likely to be. Also, the kind of websites that link TO the directory need to be examined to make sure that they are high quality. You are spending your time unwisely if you are submitting your website to low quality directories.

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Yet, how do you do find out the answers to those questions? The answer is fairly simple, but I’m saving the best bit till last.

If a directory allows you to place your keywords in their title tag then you are in for higher website rankings. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably don’t know HTML, the language that web pages are written in.

If any of this seems a little more difficult than just “submitting your website to directories” then you’re right. If you want real traffic and real profits from free directory submissions then you have to do your research or get someone else to do it for you.

That way you don’t have to go to all the hassle of finding the reputable directories and then writing persuasive descriptions of your website in order to get featured there.

Source by Thomas Bladecki

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