How Important is Page Rank For My Website?

A question that is often asked by our search engine optimization (SEO) clients is how important Google’s PageRank is to their website. There are a lot of misconceptions about PageRank differing beliefs about how important it actually is.

The Google PageRank used to play a very large role in how Google’s algorithm determined their search results. However, as Google has become more sophisticated, their algorithm has placed less emphasis on PageRank score and higher emphasis on other factors that determine search result relevancy.

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At a bare minimum, the Page Rank is a symbol of authority, trust and quality. A large portion of what determines that score is directly related to the type of websites that are linking it. So, in theory, if you have several other high authority websites linking to your website, your PageRank score should be affected positively.

However, having a high PageRank – or any PageRank at all – doesn’t necessarily correlate with good search engine result pages (SERPs). There are plenty of websites that have a high PageRank and have poor SERPs, while others have a low score (or no score) and perform very well. In fact, in the past year, Google has actually stripped some websites of their PageRank (or at least quit publishing it) and their SERPs remained unaffected.

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PageRank should only be used as an indication of quality for a website and that’s about it. It’s ideal to have a high PageRank for a website (4 or higher), but it’s not necessary for it to perform well in the SERPs.

Source by Jon Henshaw

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