How Telemedicine Can Help Doctors Reduce Costs

Thanks to the wide adoption of telemedicine solutions by many healthcare organizations around the US, it has become quite popular for those seeking convenient healthcare without having to visit the doctor in person.

Out of the many advantages of Telemedicine, savings on healthcare bills has greatly contributed to the increasing number of telemedicine users.

But patients aren’t the only ones who can save money with Telemedicine solutions; doctors can benefit too as healthcare practices become more cost-effective for them.

Here are five ways how telemedicine can help doctors save money:

· Remote Interaction Instead of Visiting:

If a patient needs immediate care but the doctor’s day is jam-packed, it can be difficult for him/her to respond immediately.

If the doctor is registered with a telemedicine service, patients can opt for check-ups online instead of visiting them. It can take about 3-5 minutes, enabling the doctor to respond even if his/her schedule is full.

· Time Optimization:

Telemedicine can hugely benefit both doctors and patients as it makes the doctor-patient communication much more convenient, irrespective of the conditions. Telemedicine solutions connect patients with doctors as soon as possible. Plus, for missed/rescheduled appointments, doctors can opt for e-visits to make the most of their valuable time.

It enables doctors to connect more flexibly with patients, saving time and money.

· Compliance With Appointments:

Patients missing out on their appointments can cost doctors time and money along with disrupting the smooth flow of their schedule. It can also result in non-compliance with appointments and follow-ups particularly for treatment regimens, which could be a health hazard for patients.

According to surveys conducted by medical malpractice insurer, The Doctors Company, “the most frequent risk-management issues included failure to contact patients after their missed appointments and a lack of tracking facility to ensure a proper follow-up care.”

Virtual appointments eliminate such risks as registered patients can be contacted to follow-up their missed appointments, if any, which reduces unnecessary costs in future.

· Work from Home:

Doctors can shorten their work hours by opting to leave work a few hours early (if there are no appointments left for the day) and continuing their virtual consultation from home. It can be beneficial for small clinics with few staff, which get more virtual visits than physical visits. Shorter hours can save money on utilities and other costs incurred while keeping the clinic open for physical visits.

· Improved Documentation:

Off-hour visits are sometimes not documented which can be risky for the doctor for future medical references. Telemedicine solves the problem by recording and documenting all virtual visits and providing references when required.

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