How to Earn Money Online – Call to Action

If you want to earn money online and use the squeeze page method, do you use a call to action and how important is it? It is where the website demands an action from the customer to make some sort of decision. Normally in affiliate terms it is to enter a name and email address into the web page. It normally only appears on a squeeze page. The prime function of the squeeze pages to the get the customer information so you quickly see that a call to action is a very important part of a squeeze page.

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There are numerous types of call, some just require a click to a link, to take you elsewhere others are as stated to get the name & and email address of a customer. It is the latter that most affiliates are concerned with. The affiliate call to action can be in various forms. The call link can be embedded into a document or it can be if the form of a URL link.

The imbedded link is the preferred method of most affiliates. The text that you click onto is embedded into the text so, it reads as normal text. This firstly stops people changing the link and secondly many experienced surfers tend to stay clear of URL links, whilst they can still back out after clicking on the embedded link, at least they have reached your earn money online affiliate offer.

The URL link as stated is the other way of setting up a link. As stated some surfers avoid these types of links. There are also sometimes very long links although you can subscribe to companies like Tinyurl which as the names suggests, can provide a cut down version of your URL.

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The most important thing to ensure with a call to action link is to make the potential customer click on the link. The call needs to stand out too, almost to the point of compelling the customer to click onto it. One way of achieving this is to include a free gift in the call. This gives the customer a warm feeling and hopefully they then click on to the link and you will earn money online.

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