How To "Earn Money Online" With YouTube

So you want to learn how You Tube Videos can help you to earn money online? You Tube has grown in popularity over the last few years, as more Internet Business owners are utilizing the free service to send traffic to their website. However, like any online marketing tool there are some right and wrong ways to getting the most out of your video.

The most fundamental thing you must do is outline what your reasons for uploading a video to You Tube is. While some videos are posted by amateurs looking for laughs, or fifteen minutes of internet fame. Internet Business owners can use this service to earn money online by driving traffic to website, get sales messages to potential buyers, and to marketing product or services. No matter your reasons you want to make sure that your Video is seen by the right target audience.

Once you establish your reasons for uploading a video you want to make sure that your video is seen by the right target audience. What is the most common way a website is seen? The search engines. The powerful search results of Google or Yahoo. While many marketers dispute the fierce competition of SEO. You Tube doesn’t have the same competition, however in order to earn money online with video it should be optimized the right way to get the optimal results.

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Before you upload a video here are steps to make sure that you get the right target audience.

1.) Keyword Research – In order to earn money online you have a target market that you want to see your videos. Find out what keywords are popular for you market.

2.) Research other You Tubes – You Will notice some incredibly high hits to videos. Why did those videos work. Was it really the quality of the video. Or was the video optimized right. Pay attention to the thumbnail picture, title, keyword tags, and view count of the videos.

3.) The Tags and keywords – It appears in order to get the most out of your video. The tags are the most important keyword reference to optimize your site.

4.) Quality of Tags – Use multiple tags to get the most out of your visitors. When you are setting out to earn money online, there are several methods that your target market will find you. Don’t just stick with a couple of tags use as many to have your market finding you.

5.) Your Title – Make sure that your title has more then one keyword. It is known to help people in the search results find you. Use some thought in your title.

6.) Organize your data – As you are finding the most relevant keywords keep data. Sort by date added, view count, rating and the power of the keyword. In order to know if your You Tube video is allowing you to earn money online must track your progress. Even if you first video is not perfect and could be better, you can always learn from that first video. Note: Even if your first You Tube Video Bombs don’t get rid of it. Just add a new one and learn from your previous mistakes.

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You Tube has become one of the biggest website growths on the Internet. It is now in the top five biggest web properties in the world. You Tube has become one of the biggest online marketing tools, allowing Internet Business Owners to earn money online. I am sure you are ready to upload your first dynamic video. Create that stunning new video, just make sure you take the time optimize and get the most out of your keywords.

Source by Megan Vaillancourt

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