How to Earn Real Money Online

What are your options?

When you come online, perform a search or look for ways to earn money there are a few options. These include but are not limited to:

network marketing/MLM
affiliate marketing
direct sales
Google AdSense
paid surveys

The list could be expanded but I think you get the point. So there are many options for you to choose but which one should you actually choose and stick with? All of these require you to have some form of computer experience and have their own individual learning curve. For example you may know how to auction an item on eBay, but have no idea how to start a blog. Maybe you know how to start a blog, but have no clue what affiliate marketing is.

What are some of the necessities?

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Typically when you start a business online you will need a product or service to sell. This product or service does not have to be created by you. For example it is very popular for people to set up an e-commerce site and work directly with drop shippers. In this model, the marketer takes orders from his site but is not responsible for any inventory. The orders get sent to the drop shipper and they send out the product. You could work in a network marketing business and be selling whatever the company offers. Maybe a nutritional supplement, make up or exercise equipment. The point is that you are not responsible for the product.

Here’s another option for a product.

Information products are huge right now. This is because people want to know ‘how’ to do things. So say you have experience with building remote control cars. You could research online to see if their is a demand for a how-to product and create one. Simply inject an eBook with your knowledge and you can sell it.

What if I have a product, but don’t know how to market it?

This is where a marketing system comes into play. This is where genius marketing came into play. The big time marketers knew that a lot people who came online to start a business had no idea how to sell, market or advertise. So backed with a product, they created marketing systems where new members could just plug in and all they really had to do was place ads. Now the ads could be in online or offline. And since there are so many ways to advertise this was a good fit for most people. Plugging into a marketing system with a proven product is by far the easiest and fastest way to make money online.

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What is your major dilemma with making money online right now?

Since you are reading this article right now you may have already tried to make money online,just starting out or are in between. The point is, you want to make money online. It is as simple as that. Sure maybe with the money you earn you would want to help other people, but your primary concern is to make money.

So how to do you crack the cash flow code online? Simple. Mentioned above you have plug into proven marketing systems and let them do most of the work for you. You simply place ads and follow instructions and you will see a big difference. If you tried to do everything yourself it would be costing you thousands of dollars, hours and hours of research and a huge learning curve that might seem impossible to get over.

Source by Joey Fratantoni

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