How To Get Guaranteed Targeted Web Site Traffic

In this article I would like to talk about one way you can make money on the internet by getting more targeted website traffic. If you learn how to do this I guarantee it will increase your business many times over.

I’m tired of watching people complain about how they are never making any money, yet they never have grasp one basic principle on internet marketing.

It is amazing to me how many posts I see in discussion forums about how to make money, I’m not making any money, I work all day and never make any money, and so on.

Let me point something out to you! If you had a restaurant, and you got it looking all nice with fancy tables and chairs, and a really good menu with excellent food, and every day you opened up and no one ever came…..

How much money would you make? How many meals, would you actually cook?

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You need a product for sale on a website, a way to collect the money when you make a sale, a way to get the product to your customer, and traffic that is targeted for it.

That’s it!

What I see as I surf around the Internet, is I see all kinds of really nice looking websites with products on them, and a way for me to buy the product, but when I checked their Alexa ranking they are not getting any traffic.

Here is my point, you need traffic and it needs to be targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is people that want to be on your site because they are looking for exactly what you sell.

One way to get targeted traffic is to hyperlink keyword phrases back to your site. For example, if you Google search the words make money quick, you will see websites that come up on page one.

These sites rank high for the key words make money quick because they have taken the time to hyperlink this keyword phrase in various forms of marketing that they do on the Internet.

For example, you could write an article and in the resource box you could hyperlink the words make money quick and have that link point back to either your homepage, or a specific inner page that you create titled make money quick.

This is targeted traffic! People visiting your website are searching for ways to make money quick.

one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website that is targeted is search engine optimization. I can guaranteed you this because thousands of smart internet marketers do it every day!

You build specific web pages around targeted keywords, and then you market those pages on the Internet in various ways including article marketing, forum marketing, classified advertising, blogging, social bookmarking, buy guaranteed visitors for your niche, and so on.

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Your goal is to target specific keywords, so that the traffic coming to your site is looking for exactly what you saying they will find.

This is how you make money on the Internet. You increase targeted traffic to your website and then you sell products that relate to exactly what the traffic is looking for.

I do not know how much simpler I can make this! To get more targeted traffic to your website you are going to have to work hard and this is where most people fail.

Even if they grasp the basic concepts they will not put in the work that it takes to get guaranteed targeted website traffic and make the sales that they need to make money. That part I can not help you with!

Source by Jeff Schuman

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