How to Go Green without Hurting Your Business

A lot of companies are now trying to make a concerted effort to go green. After all, the benefit of having an environment friendly office is not limited to being able to say that you love the environment. In fact, a lot of companies see their business grow because of their green initiatives. It’s because some of these campaigns actually cut down some costs and actually make the operations much more efficient. Besides, the good press that entrepreneurs get plus the possible tax breaks they can take advantage of add to the perks of going green.

A lot of startups, however, are not familiar with these advantages and think that they should first wait for the business to stabilize before implementing any environment friendly moves. What they fail to realize is that going green can actually be a factor in their success.

Here are some tips on how your company can go green without hurting your business:

Use Green Products

You might be thinking that green products are much more expensive than regular products and as a startup, you just do not have the money for it. What you are forgetting is that you can get tax credits for making environment-friendly upgrades. Unlike tax deductions that only reduce the income amount that will be subjected to tax, tax credits directly reduce the tax itself. So go green with your purchases. Buy hybrid, electric, or other environment-friendly vehicles for your fleet, switch to solar or other environment friendly alternative sources of power, and buy materials that will not contribute to pollution.

Go paperless

This is one of the least expensive green initiatives that you can immediately implement within your business. There are a lot of available technologies that significantly reduce a company’s demand for paper including Internet fax, which allows companies to send and receive faxes online and cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive which allow users to access documents from anywhere. You can also convert your current paper documents to digital copies by investing in a simple scanner. Reducing your demand for paper not only reduces cost but also saves some office space because you no longer have to physically store all of these papers.

Go to the cloud

Before the rise of cloud technology, you’d have to invest in your own in-house servers to facilitate different business solutions. But with the increased stability of Internet connections and the established reliability of third party providers, things have moved to a point where it is now less risky to entrust some parts of your business processes to providers who are hosting the services in their own servers in secure remote data centers. From virtual PBX and online storage solutions to customer and sales management services, businesses no longer have to purchase new hardware that require a lot of raw materials to produce. Third party providers are also able to maximize servers because of multiple tenancies. Lastly, because your business no longer hosts these services in-house, there will be less consumption of energy on your part and it adds to the savings that you get from switching to cloud.

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