How To Make $100 Fast Online

You need to make $100 fast. Maybe your home mortgage payment is coming due and you are a little short. Maybe you have a credit card bill due and need the money to avoid huge late fees, or one of the kids needs braces. Or, maybe your husband or wife has given you an ultimatum, “Either earn $100 online now or quit wasting time and money with that whole Internet marketing business!”

Whatever the motivation is behind your need to make $100 fast online, the Internet provides a huge wealth of opportunity for generating income.

When you start looking for ideas about how to earn money fast online, you will come across a huge number of hyped-up ads and websites promising to make you a millionaire overnight with no skills or effort. You will also be inundated with offers to take surveys and register for various web opportunities to earn cash. But, these opportunities rarely do much beyond waste your money and waste your time.

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There is a simple formula for making $100 fast online…

Offer a Product or Service That is Worth More Than $100

This answer might make you roll your eyes, but it is a foundational concept for anyone wanting to earn income through online marketing and sales. If you create a product or provide a service that is valuable and then offer it at a significant discount, customers will fall all over themselves to give you money – over and over again.

This might seem like a bad deal for you. People are getting your best work without paying top dollar. But, to be successful online, you must look beyond the immediate gains to your longterm strategy. If you create a product worth $200 to your customer and sell it for $100 it will not take much to convince them to buy. And, as a publisher, you can sell the information to more than one person and it costs almost nothing to reproduce and distribute. Sell that product 5, 10, 25, or 100 times over and you have a real income.

If you sell a service, you are trading money for time. But, you can think beyond the obvious. These people will become longterm customers and the work you do will build your reputation. Plus, you will get some quick cash. You can even sub-contract the work out to people in other parts of the world and just keep a portion of the fees. But, you can take on more jobs at once.

If you truly need to make that $100 now, here is a plan: Write a 10-20 page report on a topic that you have some expertise and a wide range of other people would be interested to know about it. This could be work related or related to a hobby. Just think about the sorts of things people ask your advice about. What favors do people ask you to do? Do you have a gift for growing big tomatoes? Are you a fisherman with a secret system that always reels in the big fish? Can you help a homeowner fix a hole in the drywall? Any of these can be the foundation for a short report.

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Write up the content and let someone else look it over and give you notes about confusing portions or awkward language. Polish it up and lets go looking for buyers.

Go to a marketing forum like the Warrior Forum, the Conquer Your Niche forums, or the Digital Point Forums and find their special offer sections. Sell a limited number of reports with distribution rights to the members of the forum for anywhere from $9-$17. I suggest you limit the number sold to 40 or 50 copies.

When customers make a purchase they will deposit money directly into your PayPal account and you can spend it immediately.

Now, take that $100 you made online and start building your business.

Source by Andrew Seltz

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