How To Make Money, Ethically And Successfully Online

Everybody at some stage of their life feels they need to save money, stop spending money. Or just create another source of income…Coming to this realisation is the refreshing, but easy bit. Next comes trying to find a solution.

These days we are all bombarded with cost saving tips. Tips on how to reduce household bills, how to save thousands on insurance plans. We are even being given tips on driving so we can reduce fuel consumption! Now, this is all well and good, but I know I am sick of feeling guilty when I pay full price for anything. Constantly worried I am getting ripped off, if I can’t use at least one coupon at the grocery checkout and feeling almost wasteful if I fill my car up on a non-economic day! This is just the saving bit.

If you decided to try and make a little money at home on the internet and start to do some research. Yet again you are bombarded with clever marketing companies who are tuning effortlessly into our need for more money. ‘Get Quick Rich Schemes’ seem to be rife, offering little or no guidance in the world of affiliate marketing, network marketing and numerous MLM schemes. Promising crazy income potentials to draw us in…and they work.

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Speaking from experience I have found a lot of schemes out there in cyber space just waiting to pounce on trusting civilians like you and I. I lost a lot of money along the way, but didn’t give up. For this reason I have tried to break down ways in which to successfully make money online and not waste your time and precious earned cash on ridiculous claims.


Whether you have bought on it, or sold on it. eBay still to this day holds impressive statistics as being the leading online auction site. This means traffic, precise and targeted traffic to be exact. This is perfect for all your unwanted items, you have complete control over how and when you sell your items, for a minimal fee. Even if you have nothing to sell, the glorious markets, flea markets, junk shops and car boot sales around will give you endless treasure to buy and sell at a profit….Easy Money.

The greatest mistake you can make on eBay is to assume that nobody wants your junk. It is all treasure!!!


This is a great way to earn a little extra cash, especially if you like to shop. You get to choose your assignments and providing you are quick and apply for them, the assignment is yours. This could be anything from rating customer service in a selected retail outlet, or having a free dinner out and taking note of the service. You will then be required to fill in a report on your findings and receive your cash. It’s certainly not a ticket to become a millionaire, but for a little extra cash and a lot of fun, then why not.


If you think you a bit of a whiz with the camera, or you just have a vested interest in photography, then this could be your thing. There are many websites out there which pay you for your photography, better still your photo’s can sell over and over again creating a little nest egg for you. An added bonus, the below company doesn’t cost you a cent to join!!

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This one has the potential to earn you mega bucks and make a real difference to your bank balance. However, choose carefully there are also a lot of scams in this field which is a shame, but true. They often require a small start up fee and that’s where you should be careful. If the fee is large STAY CLEAR. Also you need to be dealing with real people, the company has to have a recognised training scheme in place. Also you should be able to start at different levels. In other words you can start small and build up the business around your other commitments. The business needs to be ethical and meet with trading standards.

Source by Debbie Washington

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