How to Make Quick Money Online – Without Spending Any Money First

“How to make quick money” is a headline you see advertised everywhere on the web these days. It sounds wonderful, but unfortunately, 99% of the time, to make fast money, you have to pay up first. They lure you in with “make money with no money” promises, but there is almost always a catch.

If you run across any “how to make quick money” sites that at any point asks for your credit card, close your browser immediately, because they’re not showing you how to make quick money. They are showing you how they make fast money – on you.

Anyone who promises to teach you the quick money game in exchange for money is taking you for a ride. Having said that, there are legitimate companies/businesses online that are worth spending money on to join, but none of those businesses will tell you that the money will come fast. If they do, they are typically scammers.

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Then we have the other category of “how to make quick money” offers, which you most probably have run across. This category includes “make money reading e-mails”, “make money filling out surveys”, etc. These types of businesses don’t require any money to join.

Good thing, because you’ll be working your butt off for pennies. No matter what any web site or “testimonials” tell you, your average pay for doing a 15 minute survey is between 3-5 cents. I know, because I’ve tried most of these schemes. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they only give you 6-7 daily surveys to complete, so your daily pay from each business works out to around 35 cents – on a good day!

The question that remains is, are there ANY online jobs/opportunities you can earn a fast, and honest living with, without paying an upfront fee – without starting up your own business?

I’ve worked as an online marketer for over 7 years now, and after falling for just about every scheme there is, and exhausting just about every “opportunity” in existence online, I have found only 1 genuine, bonafide, online way to earn quick money – a method that actually pays a full time income.

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As with any other job or business, hard work is required, and this type of online job isn’t for everyone. However, if you require to make from $150-$500+ weekly, and you don’t mind working long hours to achieve this, this can be a good job for you.

The best part is that you can be up and running, actually making money, in less than 2 hours from now. There is NO fee to join, and training (takes about 30 minutes) is free as well.

Until someone shows me a quicker, better way to make fast money that doesn’t require any investment, this method takes the gold medal for me.

Source by Bob Langford

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